Friday, April 13, 2012

January Happenings

Catching up from January here is a whole smattering of pictures. 
we had a fort in Chloe's room the the kids played in endlessly, until they didn't. 

Regan grew a sweet sweet porno stache.

It snowed again finally, and there was juuuuuust enough for the kids to go out and scoop in their buckets. 

couple of cute girls having a snack. 

one really cute girl with really cute pig tails!

We had a little mini photo shoot the same day of chloe, she did all her own posing....

She's a natural I would say! 

One day she was playing with Mya,  I came down stairs and they were playing "family"

She was the baby, clearly. 

Ash is just fixing the table. no big deal. 

I am always amazed at those parents who get those adorable pictures of their kids sleeping. but HOW do they not wake them up with the flash?? or do they turn on the light? I dont know. Chloe miraculously slept through this one tho. 

Love me some Chloe lips!

Ash woke up the second I opened her door. 

But decided to be super cute anyway. 

Just eating some breakfast. Actual breakfast. not the dinner or lunch that Chloe ALSO calls breakfast. 

And I have to wonder about my second child. she is the MESSIEST eater I have ever seen!! I thought it was just her age and she would outgrow it, but i truly think she is getting worse! she can't eat ANYTHING without rubbing it in her hair, eyes, ears, all over her close despite the fact she wears a bib. This kid gets at least two baths a day. 

But i do love her to pieces and her cute face, even with her stinky blanket. 

I made this little shirt/dress for Chloe when she was small and discovered it fit Ashley, and I still think its cute. maybe I should make some more?

Here it is on Chloe (left) in the summer, and on Ash (right) In the dead of winter. still amazes me they look nothing alike! 


Tina Wilde said...

Uhh what the POOP those blue tights are the cutest things ever. And those pics of Chloe! Too bad she likes pink so much and prob never wears them? But I love them. I want some.

Kinsey said...

Wow Chloe! Those are quite the poses - where did she learn those?? Haha love it. And I want her blue/green tights.