Friday, December 7, 2012

A little November

We had a great November, not too sure what we did, I sure didn't take very many pictures! And since my horrible memory works only through pictures, we will never know what happened. 
We DID decorate the tree tho, sometime around the end of November beginnning of Dec....I forget. 

The girls were SO excited. I had put up the tree the night before and then made them wait until all the dayhome kids were gone at the end of the day to decorate it. Made for a looooooong day. 

I love this picture of Chloe she is so cute and so in AWE of everything Christmas. I am trying to teach her about Jesus and the spirit of Christmas, she isn't quite getting it, but it's fun to do all the fun things with her and she is starting to understand everything. She is getting way too big and smart for my liking!
The Nativity was a big hit too, Ash was adorable "Jesus wanna come pay?" and everytime she went to bed or for a nap "Bye Jesus, By Christmas see you yater!"

I love sleeping babies, not that she is even close to a baby anymore, but with those chubby cheeks she still looks like one! And lets just all take a minute and enjoy the QUIET that was happening during this picture......aaaaahhhhhhh. She is so loud. 

Best picture I got of the two of them, thats Ashley's evil smile. We get that a lot.

Ash has always loved this book on pets that we got from gramma Dix. And now she has to take it to bed with her every night and at nap time. yaaaa she is still in her crib too, I am not ready to make the transition yet I just want her to stay my baby?...maybe after christmas......probably not.

Chloe just being adorable "Mom come take my picture cause I look So cute today!" ha ha she is hilarious, and very cute of course!

Ash just workin in JBeibs style.
She has no Bum.

We had some snow that stayed on the ground finally, we went out to make a snowman but it wouldn't stick together, so we made a fort instead. Chloe loved it! we even walked over to our park across the street and went sledding on the tiniest little hill. It was mediocre at best but Chloe LOVED it, and has been talking about it for weeks!

Ash and her giraffe back pack, has this thing on constantly. It is almost always filled with her blankie, a stuffed animal, either her hippo, monkey, or kitty, and a book. 

And the BEST BEST BESTEST part of November was going to see my SISTER!!!! She is a little piece of Heaven, and I miss her like crazy!

Up side and a down side, we got there in a fraction of the time, but I was deathly sick for an entire day after riding in the smallest plane imaginable. There was like 10 people on it, barf. 

TOTES worth it tho to see this little fart!! oh man he is the sweetest, cutest most wonderful baby ever! (excluding mine of course who are perfect in every way!) 
Al was sure excited we were there to help him with this puzzle....couldn't have dont it without us. 

She gets me. 

How can I not be kissing these cheeks every day??? it KILLS ME i tell ya!!

Ash just being huge and adorable. 

We started our Christmas book Advent countdown, The kids love it except Ash refuses to sit still long enough for a whole story, she likes to read them by herself. 

Every time she wears a princess dress she will not wear a crown, fire hat only. she is such a boy. 

sideways???? I am trying to make the kids clean up their own messes...its not working out great. 

I made these chore charts for the girls. it worked for a couple days. But seriously I can't remember to remind them to do their chores!! I am way too busy! I know my life seems so happy and peachy keen on the ol' blog. Sorry to be misleading you all. But HONESTLY??? It's all I can do at the end of the day not to rip my hair from its roots!!! I just don't know what to do really....get some Ativan?? I never thought I could be the kind of person who had a day home, I was never patient enough, but well now I am and I have a hard time most days! some days are fine, and we get through it without a hitch, but most days? half of the day the kids are on the stairs for time out, my house is an insane disaster (I'm talking can't walk in any given room cause it will be covered with toys or laundry or sewing or food?? ) I lose my temper. A lot. Not at the day home kids. But my own, and I feel horrible for taking out my frustrations on them. It's so much work, and there is no way I could ever be paid enough. CALM DOWN JENNIE!!! sorry I am ranting, I just needed to vent there for a minute. Regan was home early the other day and said to me "I understand now why you are so grouchy in the evenings" ha ha ya I am usually at my wits end. Because taking care of 4 or 6 or 8 toddlers is not an easy task.....Christmas Break can not come fast enough!!! 

Speaking of Christmas we had our Ward Christmas party last week and the kids loved it! Chloe even sat on SANTA!!! her first time ever! well she went over and stood by him anyway. It was a looooong wait in line with her freaking out the entire time saying she didn't want to see him, but then in the end decided she wanted a treat bag and wanted to show him her Santa necklace! and sadly my phone died one millisecond after this picture so I didn't get a pic of Ash sitting on his lap. But she did, happily and three or four times. THey had a big dance and Ash did NOT want to stay and dance she just kept running out to see Santa. 
A horrible blurry pic of their cute dresses gramma bought them!

And Kelsey was nice enough to send me this video of Chloe and Sophie dancing. Chloe is in love with Sophie and Ella, they have been coming over once in a while and they are SO adorable together! they are more than welcome to be part of the family :)