Wednesday, January 28, 2009

4 months old??

I can't believe that my baby is four months old! She is getting to be so much fun, and more able to interact with everyone.   We weighed her the other day at the doctors and she has literally doubled in size since she was born...crazy to think that she was so little!  if i didn't have the pictures i probably wouldn't remember what she was like a few months ago!!  It has been a crazy month for Choworm. She got sick for the first time, rolled over both ways, started teething and is getting cuter and cuter...which i didn't think was even possible! 
This is her just the other will notice her red cheeks. this is day 4 i think since she has shown signs of teething.  Ugggh i am not used to not getting any sleep and it is killing me! she usually sleeps an 8 hour stretch and then another 4 getting up every 2 hours or less is hard on me!  ya i know waaa waaa waaaaa!  but she is super crabby and i don't know what to do about it. tylenol or orajel doesnt seem to be doing much of anything. so if anyone has any ideas i would be grateful!!
Chlo's first time in a jolly jumper...she was so excited! i think she just loved the independence of being able to stand all on her own and look around! 
Chloe loves her bouncy chair so i usually put her in it to play while i shower and get things done. I came into the living room one day to find her half way off the chair just a chattering away to her bug! i guess i better start buckling her up!!
This was one day when she was sick. She had been throwing up for like 6 days straight all day and night. I love this picture she looks like she has been through the ringer and just passed out from exhaustion!! 
And this cute little picture was taken right before she rolled over for the first time...looking all mischevious!!  I am so in love with her its crazy!