Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Summer Photo Dump

 I am seriously almost in tears with the rainy, cold weather we are having this week.  Summer is  I was really hoping September would bring me some more hot days to laze around in....I am still crossing my fingers tho.  But the short summer we have had, has been awesome. And since I pretty much haven't blogged since it started here are all. yes ALL of my photos from summer. its a long one....i think i will break it up into 2 posts for you... Tina. 
We hit a lot of playgrounds this summer, Henderson being a fave with the rubber ground for Ash to run around on. Chloe and her BFF Lincoln and Carson.

They must have played really hard cause they were both snoozing on the swing! ha ha

Ash loves the park too.  She is awesome, If there is a dog at the park...she will follow it. she is OBSESSED with dogs. so weird cause I am pretty much the polar opposite. Honestly her first word after "mommy" and "daddy" was "PUPPEEE!" she says it ridiculously cute too. and not just dogs are puppees, any stuffed animal gets the  "puppeeeeee" squeal. So funny cause chloe was never into stuffed animals but ash pretty much always has one in her hand hugging and kissing it. she's cute. 

She's cute too. 

My mom got these cutest hoodies at Target for the girls aren't they adorable??

  We finally got a new Library card and ventured over  to the new library across the road. Chloe loves it she tries to play on the "puter" the second we get there. but i can't help her play and chase Ash around at the same time. Ashley seem to think its her job to de-shelve every book within reach so our visits are usually pretty short. 

And we have been eating my favorite meal -fruit drenched in cream and sugar. Mmmmm

 We have been riding alot of bikes. Chloe refuses to attempt to ride her Strider, so its a good thing we borrowed this trike from Cam....she LOVES it!! 

"Cool Dude"

I love my (huge) baby girl!!

Pretty much the cutest princesses around. WE have been playing with Olive on a regular basis. Her mom Allison is the best, and the girls have so much fun together, I wish they could live in our backyard forever!!

We Hit up the Whoop Up parade with Britty and Suz. Chloe was less than thrilled....terrified is more accurate. Are anyone else's kids afraid of parades?? I mean sure the mascots are a little creepy....but Chloe was scared of EVERYTHING!! 

She seriously just sat there biting her nails the whole time (a really annoying new habit) And Ash was loving it, pointing at everything, there were lots of puppies so she was in heaven!

Just a picture of the cutest bum alive. 

Learning the art of Laying out. I think she has it down.

We went to the spray park a few times...not nearly enough. Ash loved it, chloe sort of liked it. ha ha 


Chloe was building a town out of her books. I love how much her imagination has grown...I love to just watch her play when she thinks I am not looking, I usually have to excuse myself before I bust out laughing! 

Finished cleaning the kitchen and found this. some snacks and the ipad, doesn't get much better than that!!

I crave how much they are starting to play together. I don't have a toddler and a baby anymore. I have two kids....who are big :(  i can't even stand how much i love them. 

hope you enjoyed this photo dump. stay tuned for part two very soon. And I am SO CLOSE to finishing chloe's birthday present...your really not gonna want to miss that one!!