Thursday, June 25, 2009

doin the wave

YAY i finally got her waving on video!! she hasn't been doing it the last couple of days so she wasn't too sure at first. but then in the end she performs like a champ!! 

I know my house is always messy, and yes she was playing with the spatula. she likes it...and that is my mom and Tina in the background, although we all sound the same!! 

9 months old

So Chloe turned 9 months old on Sunday. my oh my does the time fly!!!  I am so proud of my little munchin. she is learning so much and is such a little smarty pants!!  She can pull herself up now pretty much anywhere, couch, chairs, the name it!  still does her funny little army crawl...but she can really boogie when she wants something.  She loves to feed herself and will love you forever if you give her popcorn twists (I think they are a favorite among all babies ) She learned how to is pretty much the cutest thing ever.but i haven't managed to get it on video.  

I found this little piano at a garage sale for $3 and it is awesome!! she loves it! In the first video she is showing how she can clap...a new talent as of two days ago.  make sure you watch it to the end or you will miss a treat from auntie tina! (and if you didn't know clapping and pulling up you shirt is the new way to dance!)

The second video is chloe spinning around. She always had the hardest time seeing what was going on behind her. and it was quite the ordeal to crawl onto her tummy turn around and then sit back up again. so imagine her delight when she figured out she can just turn in circles!! 

Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Just wanted to give a shout out to all the fathers out there!  Especially to my dad, I am so grateful to have a dad who is such a great example to all of us. And i couldn't ask for a better dad for my baby. I love to see how Regan just craves Chloe every minute of the day, and begs me to let him wake her up from her nap. 

He is always willing to watch her and they always spend quality time together!  She loves her dad, her face when he walks in the door is probably the best thing ever! 

He is such a sweetheart and she definitely has him wrapped around her chubby little finger! Is there anything sweeter than a dad and his little girl?

I saw these little bite size treats on Bakerella's blog and had to try them. they turned out so cute and delicious!!  they were a LOT of work but i had some great help!!

And there is Steve. He really enjoyed his Father's day treats i made him!!!

Me and Koralie slaving away on our burgers after a long day of garage sale-ing! 

Van enjoying the fruits of our labors. i love his face in the second one. ha ha

Hope everyone had a happy father's day. i am sorry that everyone was not here to enjoy the burgers. sorry there are no more, they didn't last long!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

dada da

Like seriously how did she grow so fast??  I snagged this pic of chloe in her carseat looking too cute for words and it just hit me that she used to be itty bitty baby in that same carseat.  it's a good thing for pictures and video's cause i can hardly remember her being that size. I blame my mom for that....i got her memory!  i know I always say this and i know it is such a cliche, but they grow SO FAST!! don't they??  

I am also in LOVE with the fact that Chloe crosses her feet like that any chance she gets, and it makes her just that much cuter....i think :)

She used to say mama all the time and i could never get a video of it. She has since moved on to saying dada and only says mama when she is crying.  so this is just a little video of her talking....what a little smarty pants! (yes i know she is just babbling....but she is starting to mimick us so that counts right? )