Thursday, June 11, 2009

dada da

Like seriously how did she grow so fast??  I snagged this pic of chloe in her carseat looking too cute for words and it just hit me that she used to be itty bitty baby in that same carseat.  it's a good thing for pictures and video's cause i can hardly remember her being that size. I blame my mom for that....i got her memory!  i know I always say this and i know it is such a cliche, but they grow SO FAST!! don't they??  

I am also in LOVE with the fact that Chloe crosses her feet like that any chance she gets, and it makes her just that much cuter....i think :)

She used to say mama all the time and i could never get a video of it. She has since moved on to saying dada and only says mama when she is crying.  so this is just a little video of her talking....what a little smarty pants! (yes i know she is just babbling....but she is starting to mimick us so that counts right? )



Kels said...

i love her talking, and i love baby feet-crossing, it is so cute. something about those chubby little ankles, all perfectly happy and relaxed! love it.

broberts said...

so cute jennie...and i totally know what you mean about how crazy fast they grow!!! she's such a doll!

Suz said...

The cutest ever!

Kimberly Lynn said...

So cute. She's grown so much! But she has that same cute look.

nichole said...

Love the crossed feet!