Thursday, January 24, 2008

So i finally took some pictures of my new house! i was kind of waiting until it was clean enough...but i realized it might never get clean enough. So here they are!!

these are BY FAR my favorite part!!

Friday, January 11, 2008

New house for a New Year

New Christmas Jammies
       Me and tina hittin the slopes
          The whole tribe
        The beautiful MTN
well i have finally given in and joined the blogging world.  I was thinking I would start one maybe when we had kids..but who knows when that could be, so i better stop procastinating!  
So to update everyone to now, we just moved into our new house on the west side of lethbridge.  It was supposed to be finished in the middle of November....but the date proceeded to be  "next week" for a couple months. We finally were able to move on the 28th. of december. I wasnt too happy to move on my birthday but we really had no choice. My family made it better by bringing me TWO of which melted :( but it was nice nonetheless! And my sister in law made clam chowder for the moving crew, and knowing how much i detest seafood, went out of her way to bring me a cheeseburger with a candle on top!!  everyone was a lot of help and it is great to be in the new house! i would post a picture of it but it is still a big mess, but maybe later!
The day after we moved we headed down to Whitefish with my family for a few days. We stayed in a condo with everyone and were happy that everyone could come....but missed lanny.  So last year i tried skiing which was a disaster, and snowboarding nearly kills me since i am so out of shape! so this year me and my mom decided to try snowblading! it was REALLY fun.  The guy who rented them to us made fun of us alot but it was 100 times easier than skiing! it was like skating down the hill!  We had tons of fun..played lots of games, went swimming and ATE non-stop!  Derick, Pam and Van came down after a couple days and it was SO much fun having a baby around! he is getting so big and so freaking cute! 
So that is what we have been up to lately. Since we have been back i have been trying to organize the house..but it is a HUGE disaster!  hopefully i can get it under control soon!