Friday, July 2, 2010

Canada Day 2010

Raymond Alberta:
Where July 1st is bigger than Christmas.

It's true this has to be the biggest and best holiday for all of us Raymondites. It kills me every year to see the lawn chairs lined up along the sides of the road saving their places for the parade that starts in 3 days. There are always like 5 million people at the parade....and its not even that good! ha ha but its tradition I guess and the kids love it....well most kids, not chloe! But it is so fun to see everyone who comes home and everyone's families get together and we were so lucky to get such a gorgeous day this year, it seems like the last few years it has been cold or rainy. We arrived just as a feud was beginning between my family and someone who was trying to save like half of main street for their family who wasn't there yet. Well that wasn't happening so i just weaseled my way in there and set up our chairs and put my blanket down and they moved! ha ha
Chloe was pretty excited at first
But ended up on our laps as soon as the first car came by. She didn't like it one bit. She was scared of EVERYTHING! the cars, the honking, the horses, the big ugly skeletor guy on stilts (well even i thought that guy was pretty creepy)

Ashley was kinda fussy too, i guess she didn't like all the honking and cheering either.

They were both pretty happy after it was over and we had some lunch at Nana's tho. Food makes everyone happier doesn't it??
Cousin love!
I even got one of all the kids (except Tyler) and I didn't even have to pose them, they were all just snuggled up on the couch like this! too cute!

Chloe found a new trick!
Ash with uncle greg and cousin britty!

So we had a great Canada day we even went to the rodeo for the first time in a few years, it was pretty fun, but i forgot to take my camera! We also spent some time up at the family softball tournament, but skipped out on the fireworks cause they were a little late for my almost 2 year old! I am sure she would have been terrified anyways....she is such a little chicken!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Waterton fountain zoo

We went up to Waterton last weekend and crashed my parents party. We do that alot, seeing how we don't have our own trailer we conveniently invite ourselves to share with the rents...I am sure they really appreciate it! This weekend was WONDERFUL! one of the best days in Waterton I have ever seen! not a breath of wind and super hot....rare and greatly appreciated! We didn't do much just walked and played by the lake. Chloe threw rocks in the water and had a blast playing with Alan while the girls all fell asleep suntanning. We played at the new park and played some intense games of Tennis. It was so fun...there is nothing better than Waterton when it is not windy!!

Both my girls chillin at the lake!

we love grandma and grandpa for taking us...and watching the kids!

Chloe was loving some tennis action!
We are hardcore.

Chloe discovered her new love for beef jerky.
Classic Falls Picture!!

Then the other day the moms and tots group in my ward was going to the petting zoo out in Coaldale. So last minute I called up Sam and without any coaxing she tagged along!

Ya It looks like Chloe is having fun, but not really. She was terrified of all the animals and wouldn't touch ANY of them! here we are in the bunny cage and we couldn't even put her down! thank goodness Sam came or we would have left after like 5 minutes!
The only thing she DID like were the kitties, but she wouldn't even pet them....oh well maybe next year!!

Then the other day I had to run to Anna Banana which is right across the street from the fountain downtown. And being the good mom I am I came prepared for Chloes squeals of delight when she spotted it from the truck. So we went and played for a little bit and she loved it of course!! She wouldn't run through it all the way but would touch the sprays on the outside and run away screaming, but it was a happy scream, not one we hear too often!! It was a blast and I can't wait to take her again...but next time I am wearing my swimsuit, no matter how white trash that looks!

Oh and Ashley was there too!!