Saturday, November 26, 2011

It's Beginning...

To Look alot like Christmas!! 

We had our first cold spell and Chloe was SO excited to dress up and go play in the snow. too bad there wasn't enough snow to play in. Oh well she still had fun dressing up and she looked cute too. 

 Chlo has also been obsessed with everything Christmas especially the lights. she begs regan every day to put them up. But since we haven't had the time to do it...Chloe took it into her own hands.

she's a natural. 

So then I thought i better be a nice mom and make her some of her own to decorate her house with!

They turned out pretty cute i thought. and she was so excited.
 "are those for MEEEE?? I LOVE them mom!!!" 
(said in her most dramatic voice)

So then i thought she needed a Christmas tree for the inside too. I was going to decorate the little balls all cute and Christmassy. But she was in heaven with just the plain I just went with it. 

And not related to Christmas in the slightest I recovered a bouncy chair for my friend who just had a baby girl!

It was actually easier than i thought. I really want to do another one....who wants one?? 

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

busy busy

I have been pretty busy lately, with these two. 

 Aaaand these two. 

Please try to ignore the humongous mess that was previously my kitchen table. It doubles as my sewing room, I would like to say sometimes but lets be honest....its like that all the time. 
I started babysitting my friends two little boys and its been great! For the most part they all get along, and its so fun for them to have friends to play with. Its sure busy tho....and messy! Our basement is SOOOO close to being done and it can NOT get done fast enough. 4 kids in my tiny living room sometimes makes me go insane.  I am crossing my fingers it will be done before Christmas. cross your fingers for me! thanks you're the best. 

 We have been doing some crafts. trying to keep the kids entertained in this cold/ridiculously windy weather. we dyed some macaroni and made bracelets the kids loved it!

I really don't know who said these two could get so big. its killing me!!! 

 And this little chickie has more hair than her big sister....what gives?? poor chloe, everyone keeps telling me her hair will come in....but WHEN??? probably when she is 10 and wont let me do it anymore. figures. 

I was meaning to do an 18month post for Smash. but I have been REALLY busy sewing pretty much constantly for Christmas. there is something like 34 days until Christmas. WHAT? can you believe it?? 
 So maybe i will say a few things about my favorite 18 month old?

-Firstly she was 18m almost a month ago and started going to nursery! best. day. ever. She did really good actually. especially cause she has been suuuuper clingy lately.
-She is busy busy. I can't get her to sit still for anything. and she is into EVERYTHING! chloe never got into stuff like this little monster. If i open the pantry door she is RIGHT there pulling stuff off the shelves. If i get up from my sewing machine... BAM she is there climbing up and pulling out all my bobbins. she is quick i tell you. and won't take no for an answer.
-She is obsessed with the bathroom. and everything in it. mainly the toilet of course, but she doesn't shy away from the garbage, under the sink and anything and everything else she can reach.
-she talks. she started making words that you can understand...makes me kind of sad really. she is too big :(  she says "KITTY" (always as if its the first one she has ever seen) "puppeee," mommy, dada, nana, papa, "gama"(grandma) "toee" (chloe) "Dowah" (dora) "tina"  "nigh nigh" (when she is ready for bed, which she loves!) "some?" "sna?" (snack) or "mo?"(more) when she wants a snack. "tub tub?" (after she is done eating and needs a bath" and her newest and my personal favorite is "BYE" her little voice is just too adorable!
-She loves to eat and eats almost everything! she will clear her ENTIRE plate almost every night and then politely places her fork on the plate and holds it up until one of us takes it from her. I have no idea where she got that from.
-She is clumsy. like really clumsy. her nickname "smash" is really fitting. I am beginning to wonder if it was her lack of crawling making her off balance or something. she is always covered in bruises. I feel so bad but she hardly ever cries about it. she's tough....she has to be with Chloe for a big sister!
-She just started to really love to play on the ipad and can navigate through a few games by herself. her favorite game is "peekaboo barn" It is adorable if you have a baby and an ipad, get it.
-She LOVES books. I don't even bother to put the books away until they are all in bed. she will look at books for hours. love it!
-Her last eye tooth finally came through, and is much happier! she has some seriously big chompers!

Love you smashy boo. 

Monday, November 7, 2011

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

Well first of all I would just like to say a big THANK YOU for all the nice comments and everyone who entered the contest!! You are all too nice :) 

But we do have a wonderful winner I am so excited about!! drumroll please......#16!!

And the commenter was Karlene who said:

I was really excited that she won, she is an awesome lady who buys alot of my bows!! (and she had the most GORGEOUS little girls to put them on :)

Congratulations Karlene!! I will be messaging you shortly!

And some of you were asking in the comments If you can buy them. Yes of course you can!! right now they are for sale in the thriving metropolis of Raymond AB, At the local Hardware store! They are all freshly stocked up and ready for you to come down and check out! If you are not fortunate enough to live close enough to head to the store, and would like to order some, send me a message and we can work something out!

Friday, November 4, 2011

JRaeBows Bowlicious giveaway!

 PHEW! I got em done! not as many as I would have liked but I can always make some if I get some time....There are just NOT enough hours in the day! anyways...

 I like bows! and I like plain simple bows. I am just not a fan of huge bows with corker ribbons and all the colors of the rainbow, I'm not saying that style isn't's just not me. So i made like a hundred of these little beauties!! I LOVE them!! 

So nice and plain and simple and Adorable! 
These are my new bows, I have them on clips and on skinny little bands in all colors and patterns.  I hope you like em!!

I still made a bunch of the regulars too....just new ones! with some "oh so hot right now" yellow and grey!! (my fave)

Lots of ruffles, because the more ruffles the better in my opinion!!

Chloe did all her own posing....pretty good i thought :)

I just love how they look super cute on kids and adults or on a neckalce, or anywhere really! 

And I also made a bunch of  little baby headbands that are so nice and soft so they won't hurt or leave a mark on your band new bundle of joy!

 My sister in law was so nice to come over and be my model...isn't she gorgeous??  

If you are new to JRaeBows Welcome!! I currently do not have an online store. I have been thinking about starting an etsy shop, but I just don't have the time in my life right now. Hopefully someday! So my bows and headbands can be found At Raymond Pro Hardware. I know, strangest place to sell bows in! ha ha But it works for us! They are right by the till you so can't miss them! 
And check out my new packaging!!

I don't know WHY i haven't thought of this sooner. That store is the dustiest store ever, and i was always so sad when the bows would get all sad and dusty. but NO MORE!! 

The only downside to the bags is that all my cute ruffles get squished and don't look near as adorable as they do in real life. So if you see a headband that looks a little off, take it out of the bag, cause I promise it IS really cute! ;)

So now you have seen a few that will be at the store waiting for you to come buy them on Monday....which is the soonest I can get out there. so in the meantime make sure you enter the giveaway to enter THIS beauty!!

This one turned out to be my favorite so I will be giving it away! How do you enter??


1. Leave me a comment telling me your favorite of the ones I have shown! 

2. post about the giveaway on Facebook or your blog and come back and leave a SEPARATE comment telling me you did so!

See super easy! make sure you leave you EMAIL address in your comment so I can get ahold of you! The contest will end Monday night. And if there are any bows you want or want to place a custom order, email me at

Thanks so much and GOOD LUCK!!