Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Little Girl.

There Was a little Girl...

Who Had a little Curl, right in the back of her Cute Head!!

When she was good, she was Very, very Good....

But when she was Bad.....She was HORRID!!

PS. I put Chloe's hair in a ponytail was a good day. minus the huge tantrum she threw shortly after.
I also had to change the words to the rhyme a tiny bit. i hope no one is offended. But she has no hair anywhere near her forehead.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Shirt refashion

I love to look at sewing/ crafty people's blogs and i have seen a TON of refashioned shirts lately and have been meaning to make this for a while now. This isn't the best picture but you get the idea...nothing fits the same after a baby! 

 Regan was working late so i whipped it together, surprisingly without too many problems.  I had this old super soft sweater that i haven't worn in forever which i love the color of, so decided i couldn't just throw it away. and turned it into....

THIS!! Cute eh?

And here is Chloe modeling it for you. I only wish i would have put the ruffles a little closer together cause they kinda stretch apart when she has it on. And the neck doesn't lay as flat as it should.  But other than that i LOVE it!! and it seriously took me an hour....AND i made supper in that same hour. I am awesome! 


being crafty

I swear it seemed like i was sewing and sewing my eyeballs off for weeks.  But really I don't have much to show for all my hard work. I have been attempting to make a carseat cover for chloe's big girl car seat for a month now....and failing miserably. I don't think i should try to make my own pattern ever again. I have almost finished it but have put it aside for a little break from the stress. so hopefully it is coming soon!  
But i have finished a few things starting with this crib railing teething cover. My crib came with those plastic things to protect it....but obviously (note the damage) they do not work.  So i once upon a time saw a cute alternative on someone's blog and whipped one up!  i think it came out alright and it was super easy!!

I also made chloe a little baby for her birthday. I was going to make her two, but it didn't happen so maybe she will get a little friend for Christmas. I was surprised at how easy the doll was to make, and i think you should all try one!! you can find the tutorial HERE 
As you can see Chloe loves her baby and carries her around everywhere! 

Then I made this birthday banner, which wasn't hard but took up a lot of time. My sister in law was my inspiration and she was a HUGE help!! so thanks Pam!!  I am excited to be able to pull it out for every birthday.....decorations check! 

And lastly i made these cute little magnet letters so Chloe can learn how to read and be the smartest kid in her class.  Or i just thought they were really cute and they were also super easy. Magnet strips+modge podge+cute scraps of fabric+ exacto knife = super cute fridge letters!!