Sunday, June 6, 2010

Ashley 1 Month

Here is our newest addition at 1 month old. Actually i think this picture was taken at 2 or 3 weeks, I am not sure. You don't really keep track on your second like you did on the first kid. No wonder kids get middle child syndrome. She is a great baby just sleeps, eats, and poops like clockwork. She usually sleeps for 5 hour chunks at night which is super nice for me, cause a sleep deprived mom is NOT a happy mom.

And seriously did this month not FLY by?? this outfit BARELY fits her anymore it comes to her knees. It will always amaze me how fast they grow...crazy and sad all at the same time. thankfully she is still in the "newborn" stage and still wants to just sleep and snuggle.

Her first time to church. She was an angel, her sister however was not. I hate 1:00 church, no lunch, no nap, attempting to sit still....makes for a VERY cranky and LOUD toddler. thank goodness she likes nursery or I think we would skip out every week.

Anything sweeter than a sleeping baby?? I think not.

AS soon as anyone holds Ashley, no matter what she is doing Chloe RUNS over and has to sit with you and help hold her and point out her fingers, nose, eyes....ect. She is the boss.

But she does love her most of the time!

Ashley is not safe ANYWHERE!! I am scared to leave her for even 5 seconds, they are so quick and sneaky. she loves to lay on her and give her "loves" and kick or smack her when i am not looking. ugggh she always has scratches on her face, people are gonna think we beat her. we don't.

I love babies after a bath, smothering them in baby lotion and smelling them for hours.

My cute girls just hanging out. Chloe literally hold her 50 times a day.

Ashley has the LONGEST eyebrows ever. the are like half and inch long and stick straight out!! don't they look totally shaped in this picture??

She is a total girl....moody as ever.

One of the few times we have played on the floor. And my fears of Ashley being squished were only magnified when Chloe stepped on her head.

Love these toes, and look she still has hair...and its dark!!

This is a daily tradition. Chloe LOVES to play in our bed and Ashley is forced to play as well.

This is my cousins little boy Luke, he is two weeks older than Ash and MUCH bigger!!

And we leave you with a smile cause she is the happiest, yummiest, best baby and we love her to death.