Sunday, March 3, 2013

photoshoot and bows

I have some new bows! Aren't they cute?? And that is not all that's new....wait for it....I have a new Facebook page!! :) ha ha i know, i know have I been living under a rock? well yes sort of, a lazy don't want to get off my bum and work sort of rock. But when enough people bug you about it and then you get some AMAZING new pictures to don your page with, there is nothing left to do, but jump on the bandwagon and do it. 

Go check it out HERE and enter the giveaway for two of these gorgeous Chiffon bows! 

I was lucky enough to get the wonderful Kelsey to take these amazing pictures of my girls for me a few weeks ago and I am just sitting here dying of cuteness overload! 

Go check out her blog, she is incredible!! 

I am seriously in LOOOOVE with every picture. I had to put a million on here and they ALL had to be huge, because they are just that cute ok?

This was the first real studio shots I have of my girls, We only did it once when Chloe was a baby, and let me tell ya....I am hooked! 

She just makes them look PERFECT!! which is how i see them all the time, but can never capture it, melts my heart really. 

 Ashley was not happy about the whole scenario, but we did get this ONE smile out of her, and its pretty adorable so I will take it!

This one might be my fave of the two of them. 

I can't even stand how much i love these faces...

Love this serious little girl. 

The only thing that would calm her down was having my phone beside her playing the primary music app (her favorite) ha ha she is a funny, funny kid. 


And thats the end of the cuteness tour. I know you are sad. 
And now that I am back from my blogging hiatus, feel free to ignore my blog, since there may be a few *gulp* Christmas posts coming a few months late... I know I hate it too, but we can't not have Christmas in my books!! ah well you still love me.