Friday, December 16, 2011


Just a little gingerbread house making action over here. It is really late and I have been up late all week sewing and crafting and wrapping and putting together toys. So there will not be much writing tonight. 
Chloe was dying to put this gingerbread house together, or just to eat the candy, either way the girls had lots of fun! 

I have a love/hate relationship with these pre-made gingerbread houses. 
The are easy, and the kids have fun. but you can't eat it, its disgusting, and the icing was HORRIBLE!! It tasted so gross and was almost impossible to push out of the stupid bag. 

But chloe loved it so thats all that matters right?

And ashley was really good at taking the candy off as soon as chloe put it on. 

The masterpiece! beautiful isn't it?? ok don't answer that. 

Blue tongue after eating half of the candy!

 These pics were earlier that day. I thought ashley would grow out of sucking on her blanket, but it seems to just be getting worse. She is always dragging it her mouth. its so gross. ha ha FLEECE in your mouth?? gag me. the edges are just snipped into fringe and she sucks on one piece and rubs another one on her face. kids are so weird.
And chloe wanted a picture too. love this face!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Baby Blue Ballerinas

I don't know about you guys. But I am pretty sure 3 year old ballerinas just might be the cutest thing I have ever seen! Chloe had her "recital" last week, It wasn't so much a recital as all the parents were invited to come watch their class to see what they have been learning. The University only does a big recital every 3 years and I think they did it last year, but I was really happy with just watching the class, ALOT less stress on everyone involved. Chloe started out LOVING ballet and would go all by herself no problem. Then one week she was sick and didn't want to go in and had a meltdown so I had to come in with her.....and every week since then. I dont' really mind cause i LOVE watching!  
She was SO excited for everyone to come watch her she talked about it for days. We even had quite the turnout, My mom and dad came along with Sam and Landon and Tanner(Him and Landon were working out so they decided to come too), Auntie Suz and Lexie came too It was quite the party! 

So here are alot of half blurry pictures of chloe being ridiculously cute! 
When they first come in they all come sit on their little circle. Chloe is VERY attentive and does EXACTLY what the teacher says! 

This is her little friend Brooklyn, they are best buddies and always stand RIGHT beside each other. Claire is usually right there with them, but she was too shy this day. 

Her teacher is Miss Madison. She is awesome! she has the softest, most gentle voice and the kids hang on her every word. 

This is them doing a song called "Roly Poly" its adorable.

I tried to get this video to the bottom but it wouldn't work. So this is just them doing "monkeys on the bed" It's one of her favorites. She gets a little lost making sure we are watching her! ha such a little performer. My favorite is how she has to make sure her feet are in 1st position every time they stop. and she was the FIRST one to sit down every time, without being told. Yaaaa she is alot like me, teachers pet in the making! haha

She was always making sure her feet were in 1st position .

Look at that form?? she is going professional for sure!

They were drawing pictures on the floor with their sharpened "pencils." Then everyone got to say what they drew in their picture. Chloe said "a rainbow" just like half of the other kids said! ha ha

I just can't get over how stinking cute the look!! I was so sad when I found out they had to wear blue. But luckily Chloe has the best auntie ever who gave her lexies old outfit which is PERFECT! 

Just prancing around the room like ponies. they had to stop in this position "whoah" And you can see how many people were there watching. Loved it!

Just sitting patiently waiting for instructions....all by her lonesome! 

and again....perfect form! ha ha love her. 

They always get to play with balloons for a few minutes at the end. This is when Ashley starts trying REALLY hard to go out there and play. 

Then at the veeery end they do a freestyle dance in which they have to do some "thank you curtseys" They curtsey to thank their teacher and miss lori who plays the piano. Chloe watched her teacher the whole time and copied exactly was she was doing. so cute! 

 Pretty sure she is the cutest little ballerina that ever lived. But I may be a little biased ;) 

We are so proud of our Chloe Ballerina!! 

back it up

Whoops looks like i forgot to post our pumpkin carving adventures. my bad, well just pretend it is two months ago and everyone is excited for halloween, not Christmas. ready? ok great thanks. 
All excited to carve a pumpkin. Even tho she has no idea what that means. 

Reeg was lucky enough to do most of the work. I'm not exactly into the whole pumpkin carving scene. its gross. and smelly. 

Ashley was just trying to get her hands on anything and everything in sight. including spoons, guts, knives. she's not picky, just let her in the middle of it and she is happy as a clam!

CHloe was making the BEST faces! ha ha she shares my aversion to anything dirty and slimey, but she tried and thats what counts right?

Ash wouldn't touch it either, raising a couple of sissy girls over here! 

Serious pumpkin carving face. 

.....and best picture of the night! ha ha 

Love her. 

And him.

And proof I was there too....looking wonderful as always. ha 

It was a successful night I would say. the pumpkin got carved. The seeds were delicious. And it lasted three days on our steps until it blew over and smashed on the lawn!