Friday, July 15, 2011


This is Olive. Olive is our backyard neighbor. She is pretty much the cutest little girl, and SO sweet! Every day without fail If chloe steps foot on the deck and olive is on her deck there is a lot of yelling....
(chloe turns to me "MOM its my Best Friend OLIVE!!")

which then usually results in a fun afternoon of them playing for hours at one house or the other. It has been pretty much a little piece of heaven. They play SOOOO good together. they NEVER fight and will play for hours without needing anything.  

We were invited to go to Park Lake the other day with them and the kids had so much fun in the green sludge we like to call water. Here are just a few cute pics from the day. It was gorgeous and we only stayed for a few hours. So great to live nice and close it was kind of nice not to have to spend the whole day stuck there.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


That's right. you are seeing the cutest piggie tails alive. I have no idea why I haven't tried doing these before. Probably because of her ridiculous hatred of having her hair/head touched. So i have to be super quick and sneaky getting them in. But it was SO worth it!! 

After getting their jammies on the other day we were reading stories and stuff and Ash got up, walked over and grabbed her blanky and walked into her room. "ready for bed mom!" oh man I love this kid.

WE hit up the pool in raymond yesterday, always a good time. It wasn't super hot and half of the town was out at girls camp so it wasn't even busy!

 Smash was hilarious. just giggling and splashing the whole time she LOVES the water! And they both loved the waterslide we went 5 million times. Chlo even went once by herself but she fell over round the corner and came out upside down so that didn't happen again.

This is just Ash in the pharmacy having the best day of her life! she LOVES anything soft and fuzzy, and they have stuffies for sale on like every corner of the store! yaaa she was lovin it.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

July 1st. 2011

Happy Canada Day to all! 
Love smashy. 

Check out that crazy hair!! where is this kids mother?

Oh there she is...with the bestest gramma ever! 

The parade was off the hook?? maybe?? ok its pretty lame. but Ash thought it was the cat's meow!

Chloe on the other hand was a big chicken as per usual and wouldn't leave my lap. not even to get candy. Maybe next year she will like it?? 

Our cute little fam jam, partyin it up! July 1st was great. lots of family and food which everybody loves. especially ME!! 

Then on Saturday guess who ran 10k?? thats right WE DID!!! BOOYA! 

This handsome devil was the best husband ever and ran my ridiculously slow pace the entire way! 
It was really fun...ok maybe fun isn't the right word. But it is fun now that it's over! ha ha it was long. very long. the longest I have done this year was 8k so those last two were seriously the devil. but we perservered and I came in at 1:17. pretty good considering my goal was 2 hours! (I figure make your goal real big and you will always beat it :)

All the wonderful runners. good work errbody! 

After some delicious mass produced pancakes and sausage (my personal fave) we went to pick up the girlies at Nana's house and took a little cat nap while we were there. Big thanks to Nana for watching them for us so we could run!! 

Then we headed over to my parent's house for some fun in the pool! 

Everyone had a blast! don't you love that pink ruffle bum??

chloe showin off her cute beach hat and her supermodel moves. 

Ash thinks she can stand up wherever she wants now all by herself. 

my main squeeze cookin up some grub!
Ok this was hilarious. she was like half asleep here just power lounging for ever! 

And the entertainment isn't only outside. Alan's audience was captivated. 

Hooray for SUMMER!!! 


That's right i am Bad-A. 

June pics

Wow i really didn't think much has been going on with us, but then i uploaded my camera and there was like 300 pictures....of what? you might ask. well i shall show you. 

 Chloe finished her class at the YMCA. and is now officially a "tumbling tiger."  We have been going once a week since forever and on the last day they got to play in the bouncy castle. It was great! Chloe loved it, but is sad her class is over. 

 It was a really fun class where they learned a few different things, such as 
-jumping (chloe really had a hard time with this...who knew it was so hard??)
-walking backwards and through pylons (pretty sure she would have failed this one)
-lots of listening and waiting your turn (this got progressively better i would say)
- hockey (her worst, instead of participating she would put herself in time out) 
-lots of tumbling and obstacle courses. (she did like these but got really flustered if there was someone too close behind her) 
- games like red light green light, what time is it mr. wolf that sort of thing, (these and stretching or just mindless running around were probably her favorite)

MY worst part of it?? one day they got out the rings and had the kids hang on them and Lindsay (the instructor) wanted the moms to put them on. but i could NOT for the life of me lift chloe over my head. I mean she is pretty solid, add on my less than nothing muscle on my arms and yaaaaa it was a pretty sad sight. suuuper embarassing! good thing one of the other moms was like a gymnastics instructor and took over for all of us weeklings. 

The best thing about the last day was I got to bring Ashley with me instead of leaving her screaming bloody murder for an hour in the daycare. I swear she is the best easiest baby in the world but you take her into daycare for 5 minutes and it is the saddest thing you have EVER seen. she hates it. i mean REALLY HATES it! I am not sure if it the people, or what, but I am not looking forward to going back to the gym and leaving her in there.
here is a clip i took of her one day on my phone. note how she refuses to weave through the pylons?? told  

ASh is a messy messy eater. but if she is lucky and is covered in something that will get all over the bath she gets a hose off in the sink!

 Which she kinda likes :)

Also she hates. and i mean HATES getting her hair done. see that giant tear on her cheek? ya these pigtails were a torture to get in. 

but totally worth it right??

She is walking like a pro now and even pulling herself up on things (some things) but if she falls over onto her back?? just rolls back and forth like a turtle until someone comes and rescues her. and she is still walking with her arms up in the air...its pretty darn cute!

Very 1st Ice cream cone deliciousness! 

Me and chloe got some matching sandals. I like mine but i think they have a few TOO many ruffles. i think i might take some of them off....what do you think??

I never take sleeping pictures of my kids cause they always wake up when i do. But i was lucky enough that this time she didn't cause that is just perfection if you ask me!