Monday, March 30, 2009


Ok so ever since I saw This post from Bakerella's blog, I have been dying to try and make this delicious looking cake!!!
What's not to love? layers and layers of delicious cake smothered in chocolate!! yummy! So for Tina's birthday I decided i was going to attempt to make one. Can't be that hard....right??


It was a disaster.  My cake layers were really uneven so instead of sitting nice and flat and making a nice squared off cake it was a little too rounded, like a muffin. I probably could have made it look not too bad, if i hadn't burned the icing that was supposed to go in-between the layers. So i tried to make another batch, which also burned. Then i didn't have time to try again, so i had to just use it. It was still a little warm, but we were late, and i didn't have a choice.  What happens when you try to stack thin little pancake style pieces of cake with warm runny icing you ask??
well.....they slide....and slide and the whole cake slides....and starts to fall over. so you try to save it by sticking skewers in the top but the cake starts to tear and fall apart. 

 By this time i am crying. I have been working on this cake for over 3 hours. I decided to just ice the rest and who cares. If we didn't leave we would miss dinner.  

SO this was the finished product.....

those are not candles....but skewers, only thing saving it from being a big pile of goo.
beautiful isn't it.  The worst part was because the filling was burnt, it didn't just look tasted worse.   at least everyone had a good laugh! :)

I have vowed i am going to try again and redeem myself. but for now i am not baking for a while.