Sunday, November 15, 2009

Cutest Hat Award

I Never thought in a million years i would find a toque that would be cuter than this beauty . And no way would Chloe look any cuter than she does in this one. 

I stand corrected. 

This is quite possibly the cutest hat man has ever made.

And these pictures don't even do it justice.

I just want to scream every time she puts it on....and she is rarely allowed to take it achieve maximum cuteness. 

Also i love her new jacket as well....just adds to the hat don't you think?

Monday, November 2, 2009


Earlier this month we decided very last minute to go to the corn maze. I had really been wanting to go, so when my sister in law called we jumped on the chance!  Chloe is always so happy to go anywhere with all her cousins, and i think they like her a little bit too! 
So here we are in the pumpkin patch with some cute cousins and a friend.
Brady refused to get in the face hole, but he smiled at least!  Chloe thought the bunnies were pretty cool!  But they had these two turkeys that were of them flapped its wings and gobbled at her and she threw a screaming fit! it was pretty funny! 

Halloween was fun, we went to our first Halloween party since we have been married. Ya we are lame and don't get invited anywhere! ha ha  Chloe had a blast at my mom's house handing out candy, she loved to see all the kids, and only got scared a few times! 

I am a ladybug, regan is the Hamburglar and chloe is about the cutest giraffe i ever did see!

Just some cute pics of my little giraffe, i think i might make her wear her costume randomly, i can't stand how cute she looked....the best part was her tail wagging when she walked.  And surprisingly she never tried to take her hat off, which was nice! 

and yes she did have to have a bow....otherwise how could you tell that she was a girl giraffe?? 

My mom got this kitty a couple of weeks ago...Finn. He is probably the best kitty they have ever gotten, he is so quiet and just lays there (my kind of cat!).  Chloe however HATED this cat and was deathly afraid of it...seriously it was bad....blood curdling screams if that cat came in 10 feet of her.  but give her a couple of weeks and she totally warmed up to it and follows it around everywhere! 

Dad sharing his yummy cinnamon bun with chlo. thanks again Suz they were delicious!!  Oh and did I tell you that chloe is TOTALLY independent and will not eat ANYTHING unless she has her own spoon/fork.  If you even try to put something in her mouth she just spits it out....she is ONE and she can do it herself!!! geez!

Just one sunday on our way to looked too darn cute in her toque and boots!