Tuesday, October 30, 2012


I originally named this post "Octo-gram" but wouldn't that mean "8-pictures"?  wouldn't want to trick someone into seeing a more substantial amount of pictures of my kids. So be warned more than 8 pictures of my kids (mostly from instagram so you have probably seen them before) coming your way!
Ashley has really been into coloring lately....check out that concentration! 

HAHAHA love this kid. she knows she isn't supposed to be coloring in Chloe's princess book...she is a little stinker and she knows it!

Just a GNO to Subway with my besties!! my kids LOVE Subway, and they might just get more veggies on their sub than I do. Future vegetarians?? over my dead body. 

Hitchin a ride from Daddy. Why are they SO happy when he comes home?? I barely get a glance in my direction when I come home....that is on the rare occasion i actually GET to leave. My life is sad. 

My life isn't sad HAD YOU FOOLED! I laugh all day at my adorable kids. (I can call them adorable all I want cause its my blog :)

Chloe helping Ash wash her face. ha ha it wasn't well received!

Chloe is getting braver at Nana's! she held that kitten for .2 seconds! But now they have gone to a new home so she is back to being deathly afraid of any and all animals that move. 

SHe snuggled with me today! I Felt Special. and blurry. 

Wow nice outfit chloe. "but it matches MOM!" yup sure does.

Making pies with gramma. Chloe LOVES helping grandma, I wish I was more patient and let her help more....I will have to try harder not to be a spaz. 

Ash loving her kitty. and me loving this picture so much it hurts!!

organizing some toys today meant new toys to play with! 

Oh just a fashion show with Lex....never a dull moment with these two together :)

Oh another selfie! straightened my hair....had to document it. #tookmeamillionhours
Also my hair is awful...anyone ever done a hair mask?? I have been wanting to try one but am pretty darn lazy. 

more snuggles....is it bad I sorta LIKE it when she is sick?? 

Bought myself some colored tights, I have yet to only wear the navy ones. I tried on the yellow but too closely resembled Marge Simpson. maybe next week.

HA this is just too cute. I have the best mom in the whole world. I love her more than anything, and have no idea what I would do without her! doesn't hurt that she just happens to be the best gramma too.

Got this book for free....thanks shutterfly!

This was on a walk one day chloe nuzzled her face all the way back and had her face pushed right against the  mesh snoring her face off! took me 4 tries to wake her up. 

Monday, October 29, 2012

Snow Day

We had a huge dump of snow last week, must have been about a foot? It's been crazy cold ever since. We wouldn't dream of anything else seeing as Halloween is next week and when ISN'T it absolutely freezing on Halloween?? Minus of course last year....but that was a fluke. 

So one afternoon when it warmed up a tad we ventured out for some snow angels and snow tasting! It's ok we dont have pets, so hopefully it was ok to eat?? 

Cute Lincoln, he played outside for an hour all by himself while the other kids were at preschool. He is such a sweet kid :)

Chloe making a snow angel, she was in heaven, we didn't get a tonne of snow last year, and I am pretty horrible and taking them outside when it does snow. I am going to be better this year tho!! Promise? 

Carson is pretty adorable too. My kids LOVE these boys and are so sad when they don't come to play. 

The littles just eating snow and loving it. 

HA ha pure joy right there!!

She thinks she is hilarious. 

Ash didn't last as long as the others, she has a pretty bad cold. She sounds like an old lady...or a frog

This has always been one of my favorite hats.....

.Chloe looked pretty cute in it too. 

Man just look at those lips on my gorgeous baby!! I can't believe she is 4. someone pinch me?!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

September Happened

Back it up to September, things happened. Some of those things I took pictures of. 
Such as the girls getting their nails did. 

Chloe's First day of Preschool. I know she looks monstrous....in a cute way!

She was BEYOND excited. She has been talking about it since Lexie went to Kindergarten. She still thinks when she gets bigger she will be in her class.....hate to break it to her :/  

Walking into the school, a little nervous but still excited!

She was only shy for about a minute until Her buddy Olive showed up and they ran right over to play with some dolls. Doesn't she look huge?? 

There was one more weekend in Sept. that was just gorgeous that we couldn't let it go to waste. So we headed over to Wally's beach, and played in this giant mud hole the kids next to us dug.

And my girls' swimsuits were ruined.....totally worth it!

WE got to hang out with this handsome devil. Miss you like CRAZY Henry!!!

We hit up story time at the library ONE time before I had too many kids in my dayhome. It was adorable they read the "Very Hungry Caterpillar" and each kid got to feed the caterpillar puppet.

And they got to make their own hungry caterpillar and take it home! WE miss being able to go....maybe if I get a minivan someday we will make it there!

And sorry if you follow me on instagram you have probably already seen all of these :)

Ballet also started. I went and bought this adorable ensemble for her to wear (below) costing me an arm and a leg....but she is worth it right?? And then I had a friend give me the other leotard (above) for free....I was ticked I couldn't return the other one!! oh well now we get to fight about it she gets a choice every week. 

One friday with no extra kids I thought it would be fun to take the kids to the pet store where they can safely see animals they don't have to touch! so after going to two different ones (that no longer HAVE animals) we found this awesome Chameleon that was trying to bite Chloe's finger through the glass. they also loved the guinea pigs and the birds. 

Ashley having a rare bath without her sister and LOVING it!! 

Following in her Auntie Tina's footsteps....Tina ALWAYS licked her plate clean and never got in trouble. #yougetawaywitheverythingwhenyouarethebaby

It decided to be FREEZING outside all of the sudden and rain on Tina's weekend here. NOT COOL!

I decided to take a selfie, and tried to smile but you guys can't handle the amount of double chin that was happening. 

And once again I miss this chunk like I miss the chocolate once its gone......which is alot.