Friday, October 5, 2012

New DO

 Little miss Ashley got a haircut. I was getting real tired of her looking like this......
Ok we WERE camping, and this was just after she woke up, but her hair is always a crazy mess of sticky. This girl cannot eat ANYTHING without running her messy hands through her hair. It's gross. And so for the rest of the day she looks like she has no mother. 

So I decided to chop it off. Look how LOOOONG it is!! aaaah I cried after I took the first snip, instantly regretting my decision :( 

But after I got it all done she looked pretty darn cute with her new little bob!!

Before and After
Not that I could ger her to look at me for a picture. 

Before and after Back view

I am really missing those curls tho....but hopefully it will just grow nice and even now and the curls will come back. 

And speaking of hair, I have been having fun doing these little girls' hair for preschool. They love to have it matching, and Nat's hair is so fun to do cause she has a ton!