Tuesday, October 2, 2012


I was heading upstairs after breaking up some serious girl drama when I overheard Chloe reading a "note" she had scribbled to offer up some peace in the playroom.  Chloe is kneeling in front of Natalie reading in her very serious and most dramatic voice possible:

 "Dear Natalie, thank you for coming over to my house to play. I know you didn't get to see baby Henry, and you're sad, but thats OK. I'm sorry that I hit you, but you really hurt my feelings. I made you this letter so we could be together forever. Love Chloe" 

Natalie replies "Oh THANK you! This is the most beautiful letter I ever had" 

Ha ha I was laughing hysterically. Drama. Drama. Drama.

They were best friends again shortly after. 


Kimberly Lynn said...

That is so sweet and so hilarious at the same time!

PamH said...

Hilarious! I'd be mad too if I didn't get to see Henry!

Janaya Muise said...

Still laughing, my tummy hurts! Thanks for sharing!

Tina Wilde said...

it's a sad day when you miss out on Henry! haha I'm sure she was SICK of hearing about it

Sami-Jane said...

Who can I hit? I didn't get to see Henry???

Emily said...

Ha ha! Reminds me of growing up in your house. We had a lot of drama and dramatic makeups. Laura too.