Friday, September 28, 2012

Chloe's Birthday Doll

So I bought This doll online last year for Chloe for Christmas. I loved her luscious lips and her blonde hair that looked like chloe, she doesn't have blue eyes but 2 outta 3 aint bad! But then she ended up getting WAY too many present for Christmas so I saved it for her birthday.  And since I am insane and have to sew something for my kids for their birthdays I decided this baby needed her own wardrobe! It was kinda tricky, I could only sew when Chloe was at preschool or after she went to bed, it was worth it! I have had a bunch of people wanting to see all the clothes I made so we had a little dolly photoshoot the other day just for you Pam :)
This was the cute outfit that she came in, I love her little shoes!
She of course needed her own ballet outfit, complete with shoes! I have to be honest, these ballet shoes were hard to make!! they would NOT stay on!! super frustrating.

She had to take her doll to ballet to show her teacher of course.

So I just made a bunch of tights and little dresses, out of old clothes or fabric I already had, these didn't cost me a dime! And since Tina had an American girl doll when she was like 14 (ha ha not joking) my mom had a bunch of doll clothes patterns that made it way easier to figure it out. This doll is alot smaller tho, so I had to make all my own patterns that fit. I am REAL good at it now tho! they got progressively better the more I made. 

This ruffle shirt and these jeggings just might be my favorite tho :) 

And this coat is Chloe's favorite, her doll has to wear it every 10 minutes. And of course every doll needs her own Uggs right?

These overalls were one of the first things I made and had to keep cutting down cause they were huge, and Chloe doesn't fancy them, probably cause she has never seen any! 

This flowered shirt is one of her favorites, cause Chloe has one similar, It's made out of an old onesie. Her nightgown and runners were the only things I actually bought, I got them from Michaels...yup they have doll clothes there! 

Oh and I did buy her "fancy" dresses  I got this one at Target to match the girls' Easter dresses. It was I think a 3m size? 

But Chloe was So excited they had matching dresses! They got all dressed up and "went to the Temple" Her and Lincoln are always pretending to go to the Temple and get married. ha ha 

Her Fancy coat, with matching hat of course!

And I got this rapunzel dress on clearance at the disney store, so they can play princess together!

And the last thing I made was her birthday dress....

To match Chloes! 

It was so fun making all the clothes and I hope she keeps liking It Cause I would love to make more! Regan thinks I need to make doll clothes and sell them now, better get my sweat shop started!! 

And this was At chloe's party Tina wanted a video....and no of course I never told her to say that!! 


Sami-Jane said...

Oh my heck Jenn! these are the cutest things I have ever seen! Like for real, the doll looks like Chloe bum! I want a doll that looks like me, k??? Get my name for Christmas!

Tyler and Kristin Smith said...

You are just RIDICULOUS. I'm so impressed - yes! get the sweat shop started!
The kids wanted to see the video. Brody said "oh, she's so cute!"
You're the best mom ever.

Christal said...

holy you are amazing!!! These are so so cute!! You have some serious talent!!

Susie said...

I'd totally buy these. they are soo stinking cute. pretty sure stores don't sell doll clothes that cute

Becky said...

WOW!!!! Wow!!! I wish my daughter had a mother like you! What treasures.

Amber said...

Oh my gosh. Kelsey told me you were an amazing sewer. But holy cow- you are CRAZY good!!!

Emily said...

You are AMAZING!!!!! Wow, everything was so darling.