Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Zoo 2012

 Regan's cousin Steve got married this summer in the Dominican. Us poor folk couldn't make it but we did head up to Calgary to the reception to see the happy couple. While we were there we had an impromtu photoshoot, seeing as we were all dressed cute, which NEVER happens!

Ash was looking especially cute, but wouldn't cooperate for nuthin!

Cousin LOVE! 

I love me some cute little girls.  
Almost all the grandkids were there so we got one with Nana that turned out adorable!

And it was Papa's birthday so he got one too! too bad we weren't smart enough to get one of Nana and Papa together....whoops!

This is Steve and his family, we sure love these guys! And Ashley is named after Aunt Beth (3rd from the left) She is just the nicest person ever, we need to see them more often!

They even had some fun stuff for the kids to do...who doesn't love a pinata!?

So since we were already in Calgary for the evening we decided to take all the cousins to the Zoo since Britt, Linds and Brady have NEVER been to the zoo!!! what?? tell me about it, that is not ok with me ;)

It was HOT!! but everyone did awesome and were mostly positive ha ha!

The kids loved the gorillas, they were sweet "but stinky" As Chloe kept pointing out. 

Ash loved everything but maybe the elephants were her favorite?? 

I was the only one who wanted to be in this picture....TOO bad everyone we are getting a picture together as a family whether you like it or not!! 

There was a bird down by the waterfall that ash was enthralled with.

Britt loving the flamingos, they are pretty sweet.

My baby kangaroos, they got rid of the Australian section....who knew?

I wanted to get a picture of everyone on one of these statue things but everyone was done being out in the sweltering heat and I got Veto'd. 

At least me and the girls liked it! ha ha i LOVE the zoo, now I just want to take the kids to an aquarium, cause those are the bomb.