Wednesday, September 26, 2012

We Heart Waterton

 Waterton, need I say more? We love Waterton of course, and try to go as much as possible. But i think this was the only time we made it there this year...sad! I guess that is what happens when you have two houses and are trying to sell one of them, paying two mortgages is for the birds. Like really, the birds can have it. Any birdies out there wanna buy our house?? please? 
Ok enough begging, we had a blast in Waterton, now Chloe has new memories to talk about all year long until we get to go back!

It was a little chilly the first day or so we were there, hence the hats and mitts. 

You can't go to Waterton without throwing rocks in the lake for a few hours....every day. 

Throwing rocks is exhausting! And I am loving my mom's new double stroller, if anyone is looking for one this one is awesome!

And of course we hiked bears hump, tradition! We took 4 little kids and baby Henry and they did AWESOME!! I was loving chloe's pace too, usually I can't keep up! ha ha

Chloe latched onto Al as soon as we got to the top, she is kind of scared of everything. 

Having some snacks.

Gramma and gramps, Chloe clinging for dear life! 

These were all the cousins that came up with us...or shortly after. Minus Van he refused to get in the picture! 

My cute little family.

Some cute girls we found at the top. we took them home with us.

After we realized Van didn't get in the picture we had someone take a pic of us. He tells gramma dix after "I didn't look at the camera" ha ha 

Ash did awesome, she even ran up a quarter of the way, until we got to all the big stairs. 

We all got ice cream for hiking up Bears hump! Of course we would have gotten it anyway, but it was a nice bribe for the kidlets!

Ash isn't a huge fan of ice cream, but she DOES like the cone however. ha ha bottoms up! #messiestkidever

Ash IS a huge fan of this guy right here tho, we were so excited to see some of our Utah cousins again, twice in one year! whoop whoop! 
There was a sort of Brown reunion this weekend in Waterton so a bunch of my moms cousins and siblings came and we had a potluck picnic. 

It was fun I got to see my favorite cousin Kor, and she didn't even have to give me a massage! (she is my massage therapist and she is AMAZING!! go see her right now)
It was super hot this day and all the kids were swimming in the glacier water. BRRRR that means it was REALLY hot out. 

Chloe loves Aleea, she can't ever remember her name, she calls her "the one with the princess lifejacket" from when we were at Bear lake. ha ha but she loves her all the same!
Derick and Pam were smart and brought their swimsuits, and Derick got this huge log and gave the kids rides on it, he is the best!
Ice cream trip #2!! 

Classic Falls pic. 

Thanks to the best parents ever for letting us come crash your holiday! 

And just a little midnight iphone game time, I love these little cousins....too cute for words!