Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Bear Lake 2012 style

 Dix and I decided on a whim this year to head down to Bear Lake to see the cousins. And I am SO glad we did! It has been a couple of years since we made the drive, and its a long one....let me tell ya. But totally worth it!

Just look at that water....aaaah I swoon. 

There isn't much I love more than swimming out in the middle of Bear lake with my besties :)

Well maybe this adorable baby...I kinda like her, a lot!

 And these guys. We sure miss our favorite Americans!

These pics are making me tear up, man i Love all you guys!! Wish we lived closer!

And my BRAVE chloe even pet a dog! ha after a few days of meltdown after meltdown every time a dog would come within a few feet of her, she finally got up the courage to give Sage some love :)

The beach is awesome. We spent 3 days just playing on the gorgeous beach. the kids had so much fun!

Its so nice that there are so many little kids now, they had a blast playing together!

Ash and this wagon was my favorite!

poor Ash missed out on her naps for a few days and would just lay down in the mud for a little snooze. 

Chloe and Ali, BFFs! she talks about Ali ALL the time. they were adorable together!

 Sleepy kids on a boat ride. Chloe fell asleep but Ash wasn't having it...she wanted to swim!

We finally got the kids to have a nap out in the dingy. 

This was hilarious!! Chloe was so out of it her head was bobbing in the water and she didn't wake up! ha ha 

Aleea teaching all the kids some gymnastics.

We brought a Canadian pinata down for Malea's birthday. The kids loved it!

And some chocolate cake...Ash was COVERED by the end of that piece of cake. 

how stinking CUTE is she??? Coppertone baby anyone? 

She was so serious the whole time but she loved every second!

Baby beach toes :)

Sage and Kenya are the best dogs ever! the ONLY dogs I have even sorta liked. 

 Then it rained on us. So the kids all played Bingo. Except Ash, she had a ball and a bat, she is such a tom boy!

And this is me, kicking Brads TRASH at speed! 

Cute little sisters, this melts my heart!

We stopped in Dell on our way home for some lunch. it was so yummy and there was a tractor outside....ASh was in heaven! 


karlielsa said...

Where is this Bear lake and tell me how to get there. Looks like so much fun!!!

Karlene said...

i cannot even explain to you how happy i was when i saw you blogging!!!

let's talk a minute about those ADORABLE swim suits for a min.... i LOVE them!!

Keep blogging! i Love it haha!!

PamH said...

Both passed out asleep in that dingy...hilariously cute!

Kimberly Lynn said...

Um, yes, coppertone baby! What a cutie pie!