Sunday, September 23, 2012

July 1st.

 Better late than never right? I decided enough was enough and I needed to catch up ye ole blog. so be prepared for a smattering of posts in the next week filled with a million pictures. Starting with waaaay back in July, we celebrated Canada day! Being the biggest holiday of the year in Raymond, you just don't miss it. The first landed on a Sunday this year so we had a whole weekend filled with red and white my pictures are all out of order but you will get the gist of it. 

We started the weekend off with the classic- post run pancake breakfast. which was delicious as always ( a personal fave) But only Steve ran this year while the rest of us were lazy sacks and didn't even make it up to watch him cross the finish line. I know...we suck. Then we spent the day watching the Heggie's play softball, we weren't TOO sad when they lost so we could have more of the weekend to play :) 

Lunch was had by all at gramma Dixie's house, as well as playing outside all day and getting massive sunburns. We had a Canada day pinata which was a hit!  pun intended :)

Having both mine and Regan's families in Raymond we do alot of shuffling back and forth during the Holidays. sometimes its really hard but we are getting used to it, this was from some point in the weekend....dont' ask me when. 

My girls love their Nana.

 Fast forward to Monday we headed out for the parade. Got the girls dressed accordingly, ha don't they look cute?? 
Poor Ash didn't make it too far, she fell on her FACE down these cement stairs. I can't believe she didn't come out with some huge gash, just a minor flesh wound. 

She still sat for a picture....for a millisecond. 

I don't blame her tho her goose egg was brutal.

Chloe being Chloe.

They were pretty excited for the parade, not near as terrified as last year. My kids happen to be the biggest pansy's around. Don't come near them in full costume or with a noisy truck or heaven forbid a vaccum!! they will go ballistic! 

But I was told they did awesome and even ventured off of laps to grab some candy. 

The horses were Chloe's favorite, she loves animals...from a safe distance! 

I missed all the fun cause I was in the parade...that's right, I'm old. It was my 10 year reunion this year! can you believe it? It was pretty fun to see everyone, mostly I just wanted to see Mamie and her sweet baby girl. But it was fun to catch up and see people we haven't seen in a while. 
Yes that is me in the middle looking like a moron waving at my kids. 

Me, Kristin and Karli decorating the float, color coordinated of course. 

 Later in the day they had a big shin dig uptown, which we have never gone to for some reason. But the kids had a blast! They had a bunch of bouncy castles, food, games, music and it was all free! 

The favorite for my kids was this wagon race. Ash asked for it over and over and know how toddlers are.
But it was fun, we will definitely go again!And Ashley's poor face was looking like we beat her. 
we don't. 

We made it to the Beach in there somewhere, my timeline is all screwed up its been so long i forget! 

They are finally trying to clean up Ridge park and made a little "beach" to play at which is awesome!

I have never seen Ash smile so much in one day! she absolutely LOVES her cousins!

These two are besties 

Peek-a-boo with Tammy. She ADORES Tammy!

But pretty sure Linz takes the cake for being her favorite! how cute are they??

just taking the sea doo's out of the water. 

And these pics are from my cousin Kinsey's camera (she is a photographer) they are PERFECT! ha ha I need to learn how to do this! 

Chloe looooooves Ava. 

How could you not? she is so stinking gorgeous!

And they are the same size, ha ha love me some baby chubs! 


Tina Wilde said...

Ok I have a billion things to comment on but first HOLY Ava is HUGE!!! Henry must be related. Heggie babies, eh? Holy moly. She's me some chub.

And in that July 1st picture of you I thought you were wearing a tutu.

And that picture of Ashley screaming on the cement steps..and Chloe's face!!! HAHA HA almost died.

And then Chloe's face in every picture pretty much, she really just cracks me up.

The pictures of Smash and Linz are my favorite. And that's all. Blog again NOW.

Tyler and Kristin Smith said...

I laughed when I read your post title was JULY 1st. GET WITH THE TIMES SISTER!! (said with love.)
I love the picture of you, Karli, and I. Our green was amazing.
Your girls are so darling. I loved all the pictures!
Keep blogging missy!