Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tooth Hurty

I know 2 blogs in one day....I am awesome!! ha ha  

Chloe has been a little sad today...she is getting her top 2 teeth.  She didn't even bat an eye when she got her bottom ones, and everyone said they would be the worst. But apparantly she thinks these are alot worse!  Ok so not as bad as the horror stories i have heard....she is still sleeping through the night.  So i consider myself lucky!  

This is just a litle video of Chloe telling me about her pain. i love the part in the middle where she just squishes her face down.  She makes me laugh.

big blocks

I was asked by one of my friends to post some pics of these blocks i here they are!!

I made these big soft blocks for Chloe for Christmas and i love them! They were a little bigger than i wanted them but i really like how they turned out.  I found these giant buttons at a quilting store in Calgary and just HAD to buy some they are too cute!! I put a rattle in one and a bell in the other one for added fun!  you also have to note the 3D flowers on the block on the right....because they took me forever!! ha ha 

This was just to show you how big they are....she just barely started to be able to play with them!!  C is for Chloe!!

Thought i would throw in a picture of the wipes cases i made....and love!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

did it work??

So i have been trying and trying to upload a video many many MANY times....and i usually just give up. Thanks to Kelsey and her useful information i THINK it may have worked.....let's see!

If the video decides to work....this is chloe at 7 months doing her rolling/army crawl...she used to do it to almost anything, but now it is the laptop only.....spoiled much??

Thursday, May 21, 2009

8 is great!

Well i can't believe it but my baby is 8 months old today! I am only mildly sad about this fact, i am actually really happy! She has been learning so much this past month and it makes me so happy to be her mom!  I warn you there are a lot of pictures...but thats what you all want anyways right?  

So first off, these pictures were taken for my mom for mother's day. We got her a big collage frame and filled it with pictures of her grandkids and us kids when we were little. These are a few of the grandbabies...Chloe and Boston and Van...aren't they just the cutest??

This one was my fave, we got it blown up really big for gramma dix!

My big girl so excited that she pulled herself up onto her knees in her crib....and hanging out in the basket....she loved it i swear!!

Chloe comes by it honestly...she is addicted to facebook.

Chloe's first time hiking, we went on May long with the was gorgeous and she loved it!
She loved eating the rocks.  and fell asleep on dad's back on the way there and going back down....the hike was rough on her!

driving home from waterton she got her soother stuck on her thumb...kept her entertained the whole way home!

My cute little booga! 

This tunnel is supposedly for crawling through...she loves to sit in it tho! She also loves her teddy bear...BIG HUGS!!

I am amazed at how fast she is growing/ learning. She is figuring out how to crawl, she does this rolling army crawl and can get herself where she wants to go. She has got up on her hands and knees a few times but it doesn't last long!  She has always had really good fine motor skills so we taught her how to text and she loves to talk to all her friends via text. she is just so  smart! ha ha  anyways i have tried a few times to upload a video and it just never anyone??  So anywho happy 8 months to my favorite little girl in the whole world.  

Monday, May 11, 2009

Family Pictures

I am sure you have all seen these pictures on either mine, or Mandy's facebook/blog. But i haven't posted for a long time and they are really cute so maybe you wanted to see them again! We had so much fun taking pictures and although Chloe wasn't being her usual super smiley self we got alot of cute ones....i think!  

I had a really great first Mother's day Chloe was extra nice to me!!  Well i guess Regan did most of it! He made me breakfast and did the dishes and changed all the stinky diapers!! which is more entertaining than helpful...but still nice! We have always gone with my family to the park with a big bucket of KFC, and this year was no exception. We headed down to the river bottom and thankfully it was a GORGEOUS day!!  I even got to try out my new jogging stroller/bike trailer!  I am so happy to have one now, it was sort of a late Christmas/ Mother's day/ Early birthday present.....thanks mom!!  I was super excited to give my mom her present. We got together with my siblings and took some pics of my mom's grandkids and made a big collage frame for her. i think she liked least i hope so!!  Regan's mom got a cute little collage of our cute family pics!!  Overall it was a fun day full of family and sun....a few of my favorite things!! 

I have no idea why this text is all underlined.....just ignore it!!