Monday, May 11, 2009

Family Pictures

I am sure you have all seen these pictures on either mine, or Mandy's facebook/blog. But i haven't posted for a long time and they are really cute so maybe you wanted to see them again! We had so much fun taking pictures and although Chloe wasn't being her usual super smiley self we got alot of cute ones....i think!  

I had a really great first Mother's day Chloe was extra nice to me!!  Well i guess Regan did most of it! He made me breakfast and did the dishes and changed all the stinky diapers!! which is more entertaining than helpful...but still nice! We have always gone with my family to the park with a big bucket of KFC, and this year was no exception. We headed down to the river bottom and thankfully it was a GORGEOUS day!!  I even got to try out my new jogging stroller/bike trailer!  I am so happy to have one now, it was sort of a late Christmas/ Mother's day/ Early birthday present.....thanks mom!!  I was super excited to give my mom her present. We got together with my siblings and took some pics of my mom's grandkids and made a big collage frame for her. i think she liked least i hope so!!  Regan's mom got a cute little collage of our cute family pics!!  Overall it was a fun day full of family and sun....a few of my favorite things!! 

I have no idea why this text is all underlined.....just ignore it!! 


amy said...

The KFC tradition is my favorite! My parents tried to get rid of it but we vetoed that idea.

lynz said...

haha good work on underlining all of your text jennie - we get the point ok?!?! haha
i did want to see those pictures again - how did you know! they are soooo stinkin cute :)
oh and how great is kfc in a park on sunday? my family used to do that all the time and i don't even really like kfc, but it was so good and so fun on those days!

Jessie said...

I already "liked" it on Facebook, but I'm going to post my feelings to your blog as well: The picture of Reeg holding her up is the cutest thing EVER!!

Becky and Jaron Brunson Family said...

Very cute! Hooray for good family pictures!

Kimberly Lynn said...

Those are all such amazing pictures! You have a great looking family.

nichole said...

Absolutely beautiful!