Thursday, May 21, 2009

8 is great!

Well i can't believe it but my baby is 8 months old today! I am only mildly sad about this fact, i am actually really happy! She has been learning so much this past month and it makes me so happy to be her mom!  I warn you there are a lot of pictures...but thats what you all want anyways right?  

So first off, these pictures were taken for my mom for mother's day. We got her a big collage frame and filled it with pictures of her grandkids and us kids when we were little. These are a few of the grandbabies...Chloe and Boston and Van...aren't they just the cutest??

This one was my fave, we got it blown up really big for gramma dix!

My big girl so excited that she pulled herself up onto her knees in her crib....and hanging out in the basket....she loved it i swear!!

Chloe comes by it honestly...she is addicted to facebook.

Chloe's first time hiking, we went on May long with the was gorgeous and she loved it!
She loved eating the rocks.  and fell asleep on dad's back on the way there and going back down....the hike was rough on her!

driving home from waterton she got her soother stuck on her thumb...kept her entertained the whole way home!

My cute little booga! 

This tunnel is supposedly for crawling through...she loves to sit in it tho! She also loves her teddy bear...BIG HUGS!!

I am amazed at how fast she is growing/ learning. She is figuring out how to crawl, she does this rolling army crawl and can get herself where she wants to go. She has got up on her hands and knees a few times but it doesn't last long!  She has always had really good fine motor skills so we taught her how to text and she loves to talk to all her friends via text. she is just so  smart! ha ha  anyways i have tried a few times to upload a video and it just never anyone??  So anywho happy 8 months to my favorite little girl in the whole world.  


Kristi and Doug said...

she is so cute! i can't believe how fast they grow:)

Kels said...

she is darling. if you want to upload videos, download isquint (i know you guys have a mac, that's what it's for). it's a little program that lets you reduce the quality of your videos so that you can upload them more easily. it's free, and super easy. i've been using it for a year and haven't had any problems. if the video is long, you might have to use the "tiny" setting, but it's still pretty good quality.
did that make sense???