Sunday, March 28, 2010

18 Months

My baby turned 18 months last week. Can you believe it?? not me! I can't believe how big she is, and how much she learns and changes every day. Little miss independent over here has already started with those "terrible two's" I am pretty nervous about what actually being 2 will be do you handle the full on stage 5 tantrums that happen in public?? I mean she is usually really good when we are out and about, but she can sure take it up a notch or 10 when she wants to. And frankly i don't have the energy to deal with that at the moment, so we have been staying home alot lately!

But on a happy note, Chloe got to go to nursery last week HALLELUJAH!! It was a great day! one we have been looking forward to for awhile! I was a little nervous that she would freak out if we left, but Regan took her and was able to just walk out no problems! I peeked in on her a couple of times and I couldn't believe how big she looked sitting at the table having her little snack all by herself! what a big girl!!

I am seriously in LOVE with this little girl...She has such a big personality that is so addictive! She is super lovable to people that she knows, but is pretty shy around strangers, which isn't really a bad thing. But she always warms up to whoever is around and is showing off pretty good by the time they leave! I have been taking quite a few pictures lately so this is a REALLY long post....but I know you are only here for the pictures...ha ha. I don't blame you they are they only reason i read lots of blogs!

So here are a few of Chloe's favorite things nowadays-

DORA!!! yup she is a girl obsessed.

Playing with our shoes. She will play with them for HOURS...which is why we can never find them.

Going for walks. it has finally been super nice out and we venture out as often as I can muster up the energy!
Playing at the park, we are so lucky to have a park just across the road from us, thanks to my double stroller i got, Chloe and Lincoln can have picnics at the romantic!
She likes to get into mischief. It's kinda hard to see in the picture, but she found a pencil and drew lines all over her face, I was just glad it wasn't something more permanent!

Always a good helper, she was LOVING help make apple crisp the other day. And i sure enjoyed eating it!

This is how she takes that what I look like? No wonder she never wants her picture taken!
She loves her dad! At about 4:00 every day she climbs up to the window and calls "daddy?" over and over looking up and down the street for him! So we usually give him a call, she is hilarious when she talks on the phone. She jabbers like she is having a full on conversation, talks and then waits for a reply and then answers! funny girl.

She loves her mom, and I kinda love her too!

Probably her VERY favorite toy she has ever had. Woody! off of toy story (for those of you who didn't recognize him!)

She carries him around all the time and everywhere we go! I have no idea why, he isn't even soft! It is pretty cute tho!
Woody just needs a bottle and some loves.

And he is a very good dance partner!

She loves her baby that is on it's way. She kisses my belly all day long and gives it loves. I am 8 1/2 months here, just counting down the weeks!! 5 left!!

But mostly she just loves being cute, which isn't hard cause she is pretty darn adorable!!

Monday, March 15, 2010


Yup its gone. The Mullet has left the building. Chloe got her very first haircut the other day, yes her very FIRST haircut at 18 months. Her hair has decided to take its sweet time to grow...very frustrating. While i used to be able to pull this beauty back into pig tails or a ponytail the elastics just keep breaking off the hair on top so I can't even do that anymore. So alas it was time to get rid of it.
I was pretty sad, I am not gonna lie.

It looks like more than it really is, her hair is SO fine. But it was looking rather white trash the other day I couldn't ignore it anymore!

One measly little curl....a normal baby would have this haircut at like 3 months old.

There you go. she looks like a boy now. so she HAS to wear a flower now, we get "what a cute little boy!" WAY too much. Even with earrings and her cute little girly face.

And there is my sweet little girl, She survived the first haircut...lets hope her hair decides it wants to grow at superfast amazing speeds from now on.

Saturday, March 13, 2010


I coudn't find Chloe's headband this morning, and since she REFUSES to grow hair, she had to have a new one so people will stop calling her a cute little boy. I whipped up this little ball of cuteness, and LOVE it!! i will be making more for sure!!
I just used some lace I had laying around and it was stretchy lace...not my first choice. It definitely won't hold its shape as good as normal lace.
But i still love the look and Chloe loved it too...not as much as she loved watching dora on the tv behind me.
Do you love the new lacey flower?? If you want one just let me know, and I will try to have some out at the hardware store soon!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I know it isn't officially spring...but wouldn't that be lovely?? I don't mind winter really, i love to wear sweaters and boots and scarves and snuggle up when i am cold. But it seems like as SOON as christmas is over i am ready to get me some spring!! I know that this gorgeous weather is just teasing me. I know this because I have lived in Southern Alberta my whole life....and that is what it does. I am sure there is another snowstorm or two that will hit my spring right smack dab in the middle of it's face. But for now we are going to enjoy it, while it lasts!!

We have been out to the park the last couple of days, which was so much fun, but of course I had forgotten my camera. And this morning, my lovely teething toddler was up at 5:00am. So i was in no mood to venture to the park and chase the kids around through the mud and gravel. But we were definitely not staying inside all day. SO we had a little picnic on the front lawn, the back lawn would've been ideal....but we don't have one. So we lug a big blanket and snacks and toys out onto the front lawn for all to see. Chloe loves watching all the cars go by anyway and waves an enthusiastic hello to each and every one!! A few even wave back...she gets so excited!

I did end up taking a TON of pictures today cause i was bored so here is Chloe enjoying our fake spring....I will take what i can get!!
Watching some trucks go by.
Such a little sweetheart!!

She was having a blast! i know the second one was a bit blurry, but the pure joy was adorable!
Pointing to a car driving by...saying "what dat mom?"
Yup Lincoln was outside with us too...he refused to look at me in any one of the pics i took of him, So he only gets this honorable mention!! Chloe came to check on him and give him a hug.
Playing on the "deck"

She gets her scowl from her dad...but aren't those lips to die for?? I think so!
It was almost nap time so had to finish off the milk.
Aaaaaand its time to go back in!

Probably the best part was when i found a ladybug on my pants and she came over to see it. "what dat mom?" so i showed it her and we watched it crawl all over and she was SO excited, she just kept saying "whaoh!" and "Wow!" until the little guy flew away. I just love to see her discovering the world. I can't believe she is not my baby anymore...well for 9 more weeks she is!