Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I know it isn't officially spring...but wouldn't that be lovely?? I don't mind winter really, i love to wear sweaters and boots and scarves and snuggle up when i am cold. But it seems like as SOON as christmas is over i am ready to get me some spring!! I know that this gorgeous weather is just teasing me. I know this because I have lived in Southern Alberta my whole life....and that is what it does. I am sure there is another snowstorm or two that will hit my spring right smack dab in the middle of it's face. But for now we are going to enjoy it, while it lasts!!

We have been out to the park the last couple of days, which was so much fun, but of course I had forgotten my camera. And this morning, my lovely teething toddler was up at 5:00am. So i was in no mood to venture to the park and chase the kids around through the mud and gravel. But we were definitely not staying inside all day. SO we had a little picnic on the front lawn, the back lawn would've been ideal....but we don't have one. So we lug a big blanket and snacks and toys out onto the front lawn for all to see. Chloe loves watching all the cars go by anyway and waves an enthusiastic hello to each and every one!! A few even wave back...she gets so excited!

I did end up taking a TON of pictures today cause i was bored so here is Chloe enjoying our fake spring....I will take what i can get!!
Watching some trucks go by.
Such a little sweetheart!!

She was having a blast! i know the second one was a bit blurry, but the pure joy was adorable!
Pointing to a car driving by...saying "what dat mom?"
Yup Lincoln was outside with us too...he refused to look at me in any one of the pics i took of him, So he only gets this honorable mention!! Chloe came to check on him and give him a hug.
Playing on the "deck"

She gets her scowl from her dad...but aren't those lips to die for?? I think so!
It was almost nap time so had to finish off the milk.
Aaaaaand its time to go back in!

Probably the best part was when i found a ladybug on my pants and she came over to see it. "what dat mom?" so i showed it her and we watched it crawl all over and she was SO excited, she just kept saying "whaoh!" and "Wow!" until the little guy flew away. I just love to see her discovering the world. I can't believe she is not my baby anymore...well for 9 more weeks she is!


Tina Heggie said...

This was the best blog EVER. Great commentary, ample pictures of the cutest girl in the world, and a little SoAB lovin in there!

Please stay spring til May 8.

Tyler and Kristin Smith said...

I've been feeling the same things...stop teasing me winter...hello little ladybug...
Chloe's gorgeous!