Monday, August 31, 2009

earrings and such

We had a really good weekend,  and since Kristin pointed out that 5 people read my blog....5 more than i thought. I decided i should update it more often. It was so gorgeous this weekend oh man i am LOVING this weather!! so glad that fall hasn't arrived yet! 

So i have been wanting to get Chloe's ears pierced for a while and have just been putting it off. so i thought since she is gonna be 1, now was as good a time as any!! so we went to Merle Norman downtown and they were awesome! they froze her ear lobes and did them both at the same time. They were so nice too, which made it easier (not so much me....but regan was having a hard time!)  Chloe was a champ! she only cried when they tried to put the freezing stuff on, and then right after they got pierced, but i am positive it was just the noise of the gun that scared her. Anyways i LOVE how they turned out and am so glad i did it!! she looks more girly now which is nice. she got called a boy that morning it was time!! 
So here are some pictures of the weekend:

Here is chloe enjoying her sucker after the deed was done.

We walked over to the fountain at Galt gardens....she wasn't too sure about it. she just wanted to walk around the outside....not actually get in there.
my cute girl

Here she is enjoying the ice cream daddy gave her. he is such a softie he felt so bad for her she got so spoiled!!
Showing off her new bling!

HA HA she got stuck on her toy when she wedged herself between the toy and the speaker.

Enjoying the ribs that regan made yesterday...they were SO good!! He is seriously the best cook, and win-win he loves to do it!! (so i let him!!)

Here are some videos from the last couple days. The first one was when we were watching the next food network star. Everytime they cheered on the TV she started clapping, it was too funny!
The second one is self explanatory- peek a boo at its finest.

Then we have some dancing / clapping along with her zoo animals. she has been playing with that thing SO much lately. she loves to climb all over it...funny kid.

And finally some walking. She was doing really good last night, getting so close!  of course we didn't get the best ones on video, but she is getting more brave and taking off on her own. Regan says she has to be walking by her birthday. i say she never has to walk. she is so not a baby anymore....when did that happen???  she is sneaking around behind my back growing up and whatnot. i don't appreciate the sneakiness. 


Sunday, August 23, 2009

For your viewing pleasure.

Well we have had a really busy summer and no i haven't blogged about any of it. I suck. maybe i will eventually....but probably not.  I don't think the one maybe two people who ever read my blog care that much anyways :)  

But i do have a little treat for your eyes! my baby turned 11 months on friday. I know it is ridiculous. i am just realizing how big she is getting. the 1 year birthday is way too close. I actually cried about it this morning. (ok i didn't cry, but i was definitely sad)  Along with her growing up she is getting smarter and SO much fun!! these are a few of her "tricks" that she has to show everyone all the time.  I laugh out loud every time i see those muscles.....and who doesn't love a good wide open mouth baby kiss!!  without further ado......ENJOY!