Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween 2012

From the cutest Mickey and Minnie there ever was!! 

Chloe Got a little minnie mouse dress up with the ears on a headband for her birthday and instantly wanted to be Minnie for HAlloween. Of course we can do better than a piddly little headband and a really cheap polka dot skirt.  My mom said she had a minni costume from when we were little, but we couldn't find the ears. SO we re-used the dress I just changed it up a little and since I was already making one set of ears I made two and made Ashley the cutest costume ever!! ha ah (am I allowed to brag a little?? she was pretty adorable) 
HA cute little mouse hugs, I had to get a picture of the far the most adorable part of the costume for sure!! 

 I also didn't want Ash to be mistaken as a boy so I just added a bow, mickey can be a girl right??  I thought maybe their bows were a little big, but can a bow be TOO big?? I seriously doubt it. 

Chloe was pretty excited about hers, and I loved that the hats were nice and warm since it is always FREEZING on Halloween. I think the bows on her shoes might have been a tad big cause we lost both of them. But the funniest thing ever, we were trick or treating over by my moms house and someone brought one of the bows back to my moms house! ha ha Only in Raymond!! 

Here is a picture of me being minnie mouse back in the day. You can see my awesome snow suit on underneath. ha ha We couldn't find the picture of Tina and Breanne wearing it, they were matching minnie mouse's one year....but the picture has been lost. sad sad day. 

We always end up at the Fire Hall to see our Two Papa's. The kids loved playing on the Fire truck!

We were at my moms house getting the girls ready to go trick or treating and Chloe did NOT want to go. She wanted to stay and "throw out candy" at all the kids. ha ha she was so cute, she loved seeing all the costumes. Maybe we will have to do that next year :)

Chloe's class party, or really it was just a snack time where they fed them a whole bunch of junk food and then we left. We didn't even get to see them do anything fun! oh well. 

One of the teachers down the hall was dressed as Mickey and came to see Chloe, but she wouldn't go NEAR him. She has always been scared of people dressed up, but i thought she MIGHT have grown out of it this year, noooooope. 
They did sing us like one halloween rhyme that they learned, and they she read them a story. Chloe was so cute knew EVERY word!! 

Doing our Holiday baking! ha ha I hate making sugar cookies, and I think this is the first time we have done it since Chloe was born.....whoops! they had so much fun we better start doing it more. sigh. 
They are just SO MUCH WORK!! but they were pretty delicious!

Ha ha oh Ash, i love your face! I should've taken an after picture of her, she was a DISASTER! all the other kids didn't have an ounce of icing on them and ash was COVERED!!! this kid I tell ya. 

I thought it might be too cold to trick or tread outside so we went to the Mall with Taryn and her kids. Hannah was Hello kitty, and Claire was Spider girl. they looked so cute! I may have had a hand in their costumes, ha ha they are just the cutest girls and we love them so much! CHloe was pretty much DONE about halfway through the mall as you can see on her happy little face.....
And this last blurry picture was at my grandma Heggie's house. They didn't want to leave, and Ashley's tail hanging down the back of the piano bench was the cutest ever!!ha ha

Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!!

Oh and I was so excited to be a part of the halloween costume parade on one of my favorite blogs!!