Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Dresses

How fun is it to have TWO girls to dress up in matching Christmas dresses?? It's the best! I scored these red lovelies at the end of last year for like $10. I was pregnant and just crossing my fingers that I would have another girl so she could wear it. Ok there may have been a few other reasons....but this was s good one right?? And of course they are wearing some red ruffle headbands of mine, I think they top the outfit off just perfect, if i say so myself :)

And once again my smiley baby shows how much she HATES the camera and refuses to smile no matter how hard we try. And Chloe lets just say she was being "two." This is what she tells me when I ask her "why are you so big?" or " why are you being such a brat?" she so cutely replies "I two mom" yes..... yes you are.

I was having some fun with photoshop on these pics and I just couldn't not post all the vintage looking ones. But I was sad you wouldn't get to see the truly vibrant RED of the dresses that I love so much! so down below are the actual colors of the dresses sans photoshop!

ya seriously we took pictures for a half an hour and were late for church because i was determined to get a good one......looks like i lost.

FINALLY got one of ash smiling....sort of. And we were singing "itsy bitsy spider" in this one, still never mustered that smile tho. Also I searched HI and LOW for black patent shoes for Chloe to go with her dress. It seems everyone and their dog wanted some to go with their christmas dresses as well. Note to shoes prior to the week before Christmas next year.

Friday, December 17, 2010


My favorite girls! I love this picture it really shows their personalities. Ashley's ability to smile endlessly and on demand and be the happiest baby ever. And chloe's "ok mom if you're gonna take a picture of ash I HAVE to be in it and i will choke and wrestle her while refusing to look at the camera for 15 minutes" until this is the best picture we have. All the rest are chloe making ridiculous faces and throwing ashley around who is of course giggling through the entire ordeal. And that is usually exactly what it ordeal.

As I am sure I have mentioned before Ashley is always putting herself to sleep sucking on her favorite blanket, or teddy, or anything soft really. I just think it is so funny and cute to see her dead asleep with something hanging out of her mouth.

Chloe helping me decorate the tree. I sometimes miss having a real tree, I mean nothing compares to one really. But we got this fake one from my grandma B. and It is just the perfect size for our little house, and It reminds me of my grandma. I used to go help her decorate her tree, and she would pay me! ha ha Not because we were poor or anything, she just loved how excited we would get, she was the best, and I really miss her.
She was soooo serious putting all the decorations on. She loves the balls (good thing they are shatterproof) and loves to take them all off and put them back on all day long.

"I DID IT!" she was so proud! She kept putting them all on the same branch, at one point i think she had like 6 on there. then she would get mad when they would fall off or she couldn't fit anymore.

Ashley just rolling all over the place and getting stuck under the recliner....
....oh and being ridiculously cute while she is at it!

My huge baby, thinking she can sit up all by herself and grow up on me. I am not impressed.
She loves to suck on her toes.
My girls LOVE bath time. they usually get one in the morning and then again before bed. All I have to do is take Ashley into the bathroom and she goes nuts, kicking and squealing and clapping. They are definitely my water babies!

Oh I finally finished a bow holder for the girls that hangs on the back of the door. now there is FINALLY a place for them to go instead of scattered all over the house.

Chloe really loves coloring right now, especially with pens. ugggh. if she finds one she will draw on anything!!! and Ash is getting her first tooth! She hasn't been too cranky, just when she nurses. Aaaaaaaand she likes to bite. ouchy. I am just hoping it won't last long!

The girls with their favorite babysitter! Even tho chloe won't say your name I am sure she loves you most Tina!!

Look at that beauty! Man my sister got all the good looks in our family.....Al is ONE lucky guy!!

Sunday morning. I wanted to get a picture with Ashley too, but for some reason we can NOT get to church on time....and we have 1:00 church! I love this dress my mom got her for her birthday and I found her adorable ("belle shoes" as she calls them) at Walmart for $6!!

Ash is getting so big I can't believe it. It even crossed my mind that I need another baby....until I remembered how much fun it WASN"T being pregnant. ha ha but man oh man i LOVE this baby. have I mentioned she is the best baby ever? Because she is. I could snuggle her every day all day...oh wait I DO!

Roly Poly Ashley!! She is rolling over in the bath all the time now, I don't know how she does it without getting a mouthful of water, she is super sneaky!

I HAD to post this picture....she has the most hilarious bum i ever saw! she has a wicked roll right in the middle of her back and the longest crack imaginable! ha ha Regan says she gets it from me....poor girl.

I haven't posted video's on here for a while. Here is one of Chloe talking to Regan on the phone. She LOVES talking to anyone on the phone, it's hilarious.
The second video is rather long, so I won't be mad if you don't watch the whole thing. Just the girls being themselves this morning. and those "Belle jammies" ugggh I can't get them off of her!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Girls update.

It's been a while since I posted a million pictures of my girls and told you what they are up to...i think? ok maybe it wasn't THAT long ago. But I know Tina is dying to see them so enjoy!
We got some family pics with Regan's family a few weeks ago, here is Ash and her daddy having a snuggle, it was kinda chilly!
I couldn't get her to smile for NOTHING. No one will ever believe me that she is the smiliest happiest baby ever cause she refuses to smile for the camera! But I promise she never cries!
She is so good I never notice how tired she is until she is fast asleep!
Some post nap snuggles in Chloe's crib. she loves to have Ashley lay in her crib with her and show her the "AH AH" aka the music night light she has that has a monkey on it!

Just showing off her bling, she loves clip on earrings! or "titty's" (prettys) as she calls them.
She still thinks she is a baby and loves to climb in the baby swing....look how HUGE she is!!
Ash is eating solids! yup she loves them. so far she has had bananas, mandarin oranges and peas. loves them all!

She especially loves those arrowroot baby cookies, she just devours them like they are going out of style. I don't blame her really, they are pretty delish!
Ha ha chloe just doing the dishes. cutest bum i ever saw!!!
She is pretty much potty trained now and doing SO good! I have been putting a diaper on her when we go out still cause I am just not ready for the accidents. But every time she has made it to the bathroom and her diaper is always dry! She still has wet diapers in the morning and after her naps, but we will just deal with that later.

Princess chloe in her "belle" dress, in her favorite chair drinking a baby bottle. typical morning!

My big girl! her hair is finally growing! woohoo! she looks like she has one of those stylish short girl haircuts...maybe i should just tell people i cut her hair like that so she could be a high fashion model?
My SICK girls! we all had the flu/colds a couple weeks ago. this was just after waking up after a long sleepless night, they were so stuffed up. poor ash had a horrible cough!
I felt so bad for ashley she was SO stuffed up and coughing and her eyes watered constantly. she still has a cough, AND she had an ear infection. but she is pretty much better now and back to my happy happy girl!
Chloe loves to wrestle...I mean snuggle with her sister! Ashley is learning how to push chloe away, one of these days she will be able to pound right back on her.

She already has a temper and if chloe takes a toy away from her she burts into tears until she gets it back....isn't she too young for that??

Chloe in her cute ponytails. We do her hair every morning....Chlo INSISTS! And it looks adorable for about 15 minutes and then she is screaming at me to take them out.

This is how Ash puts herself to sleep, she is dead asleep snoring in this picture! I just have to lay her down and give her something soft and fuzzy. It's usually her fuzzy blanket, but apparently anything will work! she just sucks/chews on it making num numm sounds, and 5 minutes later she is out!!
I was cleaning the kitchen the other day and looked over and chlo had EVERY one of her dolls laid on the back of the couch putting them to "bed"

She was telling me to "sssshhhhh" and she was singing them to sleep! so cute.

she loves stuffed animals, chloe never did.

These moments are my favorite! I think she was saying "blue baby?!" Chloe thinks every color is blue, we are working on it!
These are not my favorite moments!! thank goodness Regan caught her before she got the diaper cream EVERYWHERE!
Oh and these "belle" jammies are her FAVORITE! thanks to gramma dixie....she wants to wear them ALL the time!

We pulled out the winter clothes after the first like 20 feet of snow. she wears her snow pants all the time and we are constantly putting her mittens on!

Well thats about it for right now. Ashley is totally sitting up, but still likes to throw herself backwards. She even clapped last night for the first was adorable!
Chloe is saying new words every day. Its so fun to hear her little vocabulary and she says everything so cute! Most of the time nobody knows what she is saying, I can usually figure it out tho! She is still ridiculously loud and sometimes I really wish we could go back to before she talked at house would be oh so quiet and wonderful!