Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Dresses

How fun is it to have TWO girls to dress up in matching Christmas dresses?? It's the best! I scored these red lovelies at the end of last year for like $10. I was pregnant and just crossing my fingers that I would have another girl so she could wear it. Ok there may have been a few other reasons....but this was s good one right?? And of course they are wearing some red ruffle headbands of mine, I think they top the outfit off just perfect, if i say so myself :)

And once again my smiley baby shows how much she HATES the camera and refuses to smile no matter how hard we try. And Chloe lets just say she was being "two." This is what she tells me when I ask her "why are you so big?" or " why are you being such a brat?" she so cutely replies "I two mom" yes..... yes you are.

I was having some fun with photoshop on these pics and I just couldn't not post all the vintage looking ones. But I was sad you wouldn't get to see the truly vibrant RED of the dresses that I love so much! so down below are the actual colors of the dresses sans photoshop!

ya seriously we took pictures for a half an hour and were late for church because i was determined to get a good one......looks like i lost.

FINALLY got one of ash smiling....sort of. And we were singing "itsy bitsy spider" in this one, still never mustered that smile tho. Also I searched HI and LOW for black patent shoes for Chloe to go with her dress. It seems everyone and their dog wanted some to go with their christmas dresses as well. Note to shoes prior to the week before Christmas next year.


Tina Heggie said...

Ok you win the prize for being my favorite! For posting these pictures just like I told you to. Ima look at them all day, it's gonna be a good day.

Tyler and Kristin Smith said...

Yep - I love the dresses!
and I love the pictures!
and I love that you bought them last year.
I just love everything. Your girls are darling.
P.S. The headbands you made are just perfect too!

Emily B said...

So darling! Your girls look so cute, but I'm also super impressed that you got a photo session of them into your busy Christmas season. You are amazing!