Saturday, January 15, 2011


One of the many wonderful things about christmas???
Homemade Chocolates!!
Chloe was great helper!
We didn't always dip chocolates in our house, but for the last few years we have, and it is fast becoming the most delicious tradition ever! We don't go crazy like some people who make chocolates, we just make a few pans full to give away to friends and then we take the rest to Whitefish, where they were pretty much devoured. Adding to the 10 pounds I had already gained pre-Christmas!

We also have started a Heggie Christmas Party for the last couple of years which has been so much fun. We had a Hay ride, dinner, a lot of chatting and catching up, Santa came with treats for all the grandkids. It was so much fun! Then All the grand kids acted out the Nativity and it was the CUTEST thing I have ever seen!!

Chloe was a sheep...or a "sheet" as she would say.
The kids had been running around WILD for like 2 hours and were on a sugar high from the treats from santa so we weren't very hopeful that this would work. but It was amazing, Sheronna Jo had all the kids sit in their places while Uncle Ryan read the story out of the scriptures and all the kids just sat there. They all just SAT there! ha ha it was hilarious.
Cutest and sweetest mary and joseph ever! along with all the sheep.
And the cows just enjoying the story....and my cute little sheep!

Just a snapshot of my girls in their matching hoodies.

WE came out to Raymond for the Old Fashioned Christmas it wasn't near as cold as last year so there were a million people out. So their were lineups for all the activities going on, but we did do a few things. We went to story time, got chloe's face painted, got some cotton candy, saw santa from afar, and visited our "two papa's" uptown when we got our donuts and hot chocolate.

Ash is our best snuggler. she loves to just put her cheek up to your cheek and just hang out there for awhile. she is the sweetest!


Karlene said...

i love that you updated your blog....the problem is i'm not patient enough to wait until night time to read them!!!!
i love hearing what everybody else does at christmas time...and next year i vow that i'm making chocolates lol.
great post!!

Tina Heggie said...

Picture of Ash and Reg: Precious and priceless and perfect. All of those things.

I could really go for some of those homemade chocolates right now. Man, who ATE all of them?!?!? It couldn't have been me. I only had three for breakfast, three for lunch, and three for dinner. That's a regular amount, no?