Saturday, January 15, 2011

Christmas Day

Christmas morning...Santa Came!!
We slept over at My parents house this year. It was so much fun but i think this is the last year we will be at the grandparents. Next year the kids will be old enough we will need to start having Christmas at our own house and I am already excited about it!

Tina and Al woke US up when tina texted me to tell me they were almost here. They didn't want to miss chloe opening up her presents so they were here bright and early!
Ash was pretty happy they were here too!
Chloe was a little groggy at first but then realized she had presents to open...and dug right in! She opened that pink fuzzy pencil case first and thought she was in heaven....probably could have stopped right there! ha ha
Just our fam opening up stockings. We had a million presents cause we brought ALL of our presents for each other and for our kids. And everyone else already opened there's at home so pretty much everyone just watched us open presents.....LUCKY! ha ha

Regan and Al got matching coats.
Chloe was so excited for anything Belle, or princess or tinkerbell....anything else she just kinda looked at us like "thanks???"

Lanny got a sweet tool set
Ash was happy the entire time...just happy to be there. unless you put something on her head then she's all business.

Chloe's main present was her princess dress-ups. we went the day after halloween and got a bunch of dresses but they were all picked over so they were all a little big. So i just altered them to make them fit good enough for dress ups and she LOVES them!!
I found this Ikea wooden box in our garage that was regan's when he was single. A little white paint and Voila a perfect little dress up box fit for my princess!!
Yup we do this EVERY morning!!

I was spoiled rotten this year. I got this adorable Jo Totes bag, and iphone, perfume, boots, clothes, ect ect. the list goes on and on! my husband the shopaholic!

Speaking of my husband the shopaholic He came home with this beauty for chloe one day just for fun... yup a BIKE. not just any bike....a strider. he was adamant that she have one. so she got spoiled this christmas as well!!

We had her open the helmet first thinking she would have no idea what it was. She was so excited that it was princess. she put it on and looked around and said "My Bike??" what? how on earth she knew that it was a bike helmet i have no idea!
But she was SUPER excited and it will be so fun this spring/summer!
Oh and yes Ash was there and chloe opened most of her presents for her. she loved everything we put in front of her....she is hard to please!

After we opened presents at my parent's house we went back to Holt's for breakfast fondue..TRADITION!!! its my favorite!! Then we got even MORE spoiled by Regan's family, where chloe got this little car thing a ma jig. It's pretty fun to ride, you just turn the handle from side to side and it moves!
Chloe in her tinkerbell dress ups with her "geen belle shooz"

I felt like i was sewing and sewing before christmas but I really didnt make that much. I made those paratrooper stuffies for all the grandkids, a "Merry Christmas" banner for myself and one for my mom, I fixed the princess dress-ups, and then I made Ashley a doll. I think thats all I made. It sure felt like ALOT more! ha ha
Here is Ash's dolly i made her. Her tights are probably my favorite part. I love the way it turned out !
It's sure a step up from when I made chloe her doll! But chloe loves them both and plays with them all the time!


Kelsey said...

the princess dress-ups idea is pretty much the best ever. I'm stealing it for next year. . . halloween clearance, here I come!

brooke byam said...

looks like you had a great christmas! chloe will love the strider, both my boys have them and they LOVE them! nash was riding a two wheeler at two because of it. they are so fun!