Saturday, January 15, 2011


Oh Whitefish how i Love thee....let me count the ways.....

1.I love to bundle up my children and pull them on sleds. That are full of toys to entertain you and food for all the skiers. Down the mountain from the highest possible parking spot all the way to the lodge.
2. I love your Ski Lodge and this one big poofy leather couch that we have been lucky enough to snag like the last 4 years right by the fire place.
-Here we are on said couch having a snuggle after Ash had a 20 minute nap on gma.

-and don't mind chloe she looks a little like a homeless boy. but we still love her!

3. I love that you can bring fellas that look a little homeless themselves, but they fit right in.
4. I loved that this year gma was sick so she could stay and help me with the kiddos (I mean i really did feel bad that she was sick but it worked out for me ;)

5. I loved that this face got to be there this year, cause it's one of my favorites!

6. I loved that chloe was so exhausted that she fell asleep on the sleigh ride back to the car from the lodge. oh and every other time we pulled her in a sled the rest of the trip! ha ha

6. even tho i haven't gotten to ski in a couple of years I love the snow covered trees and that is is USUALLY not ridiculously cold (but it was this year...that part i didn't love)
I couldn't find a picture of regan anywhere, but this is my brother lanny taking a sweet jump!

7. I love walking around the Condo in wet socks for a week cause you can't escape the snow puddles surrounding the door. and I loved chloe trying on everyones boots and shoes and changing HER wet socks every hour.

8. I love that my birthday (the 28th) falls when we are here every year! And my shopaholic husband sends me something to the UPS store every year!! and this year i wa SO surprised and excited to get my new dishes from Pottery Barn!! I am one spoiled lady!
This is my dishes cupboard before and after.....SO pretty!!
I love LOVE my new dishes they make everything look so yummy like i am in a restaurant ALL the time!

9. I LOVE going hot tubbing every night after we put the kids to bed cause the pool is literally 6 really cold steps (for those of us who forgot their flip flops) from our door!

10. I Love having some New years eve Snacks at the Condo with my favorite family in the whole world!
11. I love walking in on grandpa wrestling on the bed with all the grandkids. My kids have been blessed with WONDERFUL grandparents on both sides. We are really lucky!!

There are so many more things I love about Whitefish but those are just a few I can think of right now. I need to take more pictures cause its the only way I remember anything!!


Francis Family said...

fun! I love your new dishes, what a good husband!
I also love that Chloe fell asleep in the sled, that's awesome.

lynz said...

awww, we love whitefish too! it really is a magical place, especially over the holidays :) love the sleeping in the sled pics - priceless!