Monday, January 31, 2011


My kids were sick. and sick. and siiiiick. I seriously think they were sick for like 2 months. and Ashley STILL has a cough and a stuffed up nose. poor little baby. Good thing she is still happy when she is sick or I would have gone crazy!!! needless to say there were alot of "moonies" (movies) chloe got to watch and she always watched them like this....
Ha ha this giraffe pillow was a christmas present from Nana. You must think oh she LOVES it. I bet she was so excited when she opened it....but that was not the case. she was TERRIFIED of the thing. Wouldn't even come in the room if she could see it! ha ha but the terror didn't last forever and now they have a special bond (might have included getting puked on) but now there love will go on forever.
Poor Ash has just been sick for what seems like years. ok maybe months. but it has been a long time seriously. She got a really bad cough that just won't go away. and then she has been teething like crazy so she has been slightly cranky. She got her bottom two last month and her top two are coming in right now. so sad. But i think her cute hat is making her feel better. you only feel good if you look good right??
Ash was getting in on the sickly giraffe lounging too. she loves to chew on the giraffe's ears and who can blame her, that thing is ridiculously soft!
I tried to get a picture of Chloe sleeping but she woke up when i opened the door (crappy cheap noisy door) she thought it was hilarious...obviously. Chloe didn't eat anything for like a whole week when she was sick and then got SUPER skinny. I don't know if you can tell from this picture, but she was skeletal. So happy that she is now back to eating and filling back out.

She also got this awesome ride on thing-a-ma-jig from Christmas. It has been so much fun. you just have to swivel the handle back and forth and it moves!! like magic. We ride it all the time. and yes WE as in me and the girls. ha ha ash loves it too, and I am pretty much a pro now.
I also made homemade chicken noodle soup for the first time ever. it was delicious I am not gonna lie. Tina can attest to this. and how good does it look in my gorgeous new dishes??? yup i know you're all jealous!


Tina Heggie said...

I attest to the delicisous soup!! Ok and I really wish I would have gotten a picture of you and Chloe riding the thinga-ma-jig. That would have been just so great.

Kimberly Lynn said...

The picture of your soup made me crave some so bad that I had to make my own! :) That giraffe pillow is way cute!