Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Favorite Faces

Wanna know what melts my heart?? When ashley is busy playing and emptying all of Chloe's toys onto the floor and I call her name and she looks at me with that huge smile....I just want to die. I love this baby SO SO much!!

Check out those chompers comin in!! she is getting another one on the top right now and likes to grind them all together. nails on a chalk board anyone?? i don't know what's worse.....shudder.
How can you not love her?? is there anything much sweeter than this??
She is going to be 8 months next out my heart. My baby is not allowed to get bigger. and NEVER allowed to crawl. well maybe. I will try anyways.

And then there is THIS one. She is a hoot. talking all the time now, she FINALLY gave in and said "Tina" and "gramma dix". She is now copying everything we say (now we have to make sure and be very careful! ha ha) and I love it! she makes me laugh all day long. and LOOK at all her HAIR!!
YUP i love this one too!!


Tina Heggie said...

Well this was just too cute. I won't lie, I was almost tearing up over here! I just love these little faces way too dang much.

Tina Heggie said...

Oh and Chloe's bow is so fetch.

Susan said...

Indeedy.....Them's some way way cute girlies.

Kelsey said...

beautiful girls jennie, I can't believe how different they look! I love chloe's little smirk and her tiny pigtails. Just watch out, she's going to grow a ton of thick hair you won't even know what to do with!

kyleandtaryn said...

They are sooo cute! I love how they are both so different. Adorable!