Saturday, December 19, 2009

Stocking SOS

I am in need of some serious help! ok so its not that serious...but i simply cannot decide and it is driving me CRAZY!! I finished my stockings phew! that means i am done ALL my sewing projects for Christmas...woot woot! I would show you pictures, but they are all presents for people that would see my blog so you will just have to be patient and wait until after Christmas. I know you are heart will get over it. I promise!

So here they are! They are made out of sweaters that i got from the thrift store, they cost me about $30, which i thought was a bit steep for the thrift store, but they were the most sturdy fabric, probably cause they were mostly brand name. I LOVE how they turned out. I bought another sweater to make the baby one, but I couldn't quite get a back and a front out of it, so the baby will have to wait until next year!

So my dilemma Is how to put our names on. Regan pretty much threw a fit when i told him i was just going to leave them plain...apparently it is crucial to have your name on them so you know which is yours on Christmas morning.

So i Loved this idea from Life in the fun lane's blog. But i haven't been able to find anything that cute around here. Stupid Pottery barn for being so far away.
But i DID find these cute little silver letters at Michaels for like $2 now i just have to decide how I want to put them on.....this is where you come in! Regan insists on the whole name, but personally I like just the initial.

I don't mind the names across the top either, but then you can't see the cute detail on the middle one.

Regan likes the names across the front like this...i think it takes away from the cuteness of the stocking, but i am sure i could live with it.

So what do you think??? I need to know ASAP!! so i can hang them back up and make my house finally ready for Christmas!! PLEASE leave your suggestion, I am the worst at making decisions, so please make this one for me! k? great thanks.

Oh and wouldn't you all love some loves from chloe?? Lincoln sure gets his fair share!! I am pretty sure she is going to smother her baby brother/sister with hugs every minute of every day....I can't wait!

Friday, December 11, 2009

flowers and bows

Most of you probably know i make bows and flowers for little girls. I mostly just do it as a hobby, but I do sell quite a few, and it is fun!  Although i do have a facebook group that never gets updated, I do make new bows all the time,  I am just horrible at advertising them!  So anyway my supply at the store was looking very bleak. So I have been slaving away all week making a huge shwack (is that a word?) of pretty little bows/flowers for all your little ones!  Here are a few of the new ones I have made, for some reason I only took pictures of the white ones?? You can see some more of my bows at JRaeBows facebook group. 
 These first ones come in multiple colors - brown, black, purple, Ivory, red, and any other color you want as long as I can find the fabric! I made some for a friends wedding this weekend, I can't wait to see how cute the bridesmaids look!!   Sorry the pics are horrible, it was at night with my old point and shoot. 
These ones i currently only have in white, but they also can be made in any color that I can find!..aren't they darling?? I think they would be adorable in anyone's hair, or pinned on a scarf,a sweater,  or boot....the options are endless!!

These little ones are so sweet!  I wore one the other day and got a ton of compliments!!

So all you ladies in the Raymond Area (the three who read my blog) run over to the local Hardware store and pick up your stocking stuffers, or bows for your christmas dresses!!  I made ALOT of Christmas colored ones that are adorable!!  I know they should have been done earlier....I did my best!!  
Hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas!! 

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Advent Calendar.

I have really been wanting to make an advent calendar and i promised myself i would make one this year....didn't happen. My goal is to make stockings this year. We will have to try for the advent calendar next year.  I am planning to make mine out of felt, but if anyone wants to check out an awesome one that i would NEVER attempt....check it out HERE.  Its crazy!! 

I am so excited for Christmas this year. I have always loved Christmas and growing up was the one to get out the decorations and put up the tree. It just makes me happy!  I can't wait to see chloe on Christmas morning, she was so much fun with her presents on her birthday, I know she is going to have so much fun!  

This is kind of a lame post i know. mostly i just saw the advent calendar and wanted to share. that is all. 

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

It's Fun to share.

I now know what it would be like if i had twin one year olds.  Well sort of.  I have started babysitting for one of my friends while she has to go back to work.  Sad i know...I am so lucky to be able to stay home and play with my baby all day! And now i get to play with TWO of the cutest babes around!!  Meet Lincoln, he is adorable!  Chloe absolutely ADORES him, its pretty darn cute!!  She gets SO excited when he comes in the morning and when he gets up from his nap.  They are going to be BEST soon as Lincoln stops crying every time she touches him!  

she is 3 months older than him so she feels the need to take care of him, by patting his head when he cries, giving him toys by throwing them in his general direction, or taking them all away so he can't reach them. But by far the cutest was yesterday when she was sharing her snacks with him!

Here she is showing him that he needs to open his mouth when she gives it to him! ha ha 

Here ya go Lincoln...SMOOSH! I can't believe he was letting her do this!! so funny!

But he seemed to be enjoying himself!! 

Its pretty fun having this cutie pie around! So far it has been pretty easy having two, he is so good, he makes it easy. And chloe LOVES having him around...which is good for me i seem to have more time to get things done while they entertain each other.  I thought it would be the other way for sure!!   

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Cutest Hat Award

I Never thought in a million years i would find a toque that would be cuter than this beauty . And no way would Chloe look any cuter than she does in this one. 

I stand corrected. 

This is quite possibly the cutest hat man has ever made.

And these pictures don't even do it justice.

I just want to scream every time she puts it on....and she is rarely allowed to take it achieve maximum cuteness. 

Also i love her new jacket as well....just adds to the hat don't you think?

Monday, November 2, 2009


Earlier this month we decided very last minute to go to the corn maze. I had really been wanting to go, so when my sister in law called we jumped on the chance!  Chloe is always so happy to go anywhere with all her cousins, and i think they like her a little bit too! 
So here we are in the pumpkin patch with some cute cousins and a friend.
Brady refused to get in the face hole, but he smiled at least!  Chloe thought the bunnies were pretty cool!  But they had these two turkeys that were of them flapped its wings and gobbled at her and she threw a screaming fit! it was pretty funny! 

Halloween was fun, we went to our first Halloween party since we have been married. Ya we are lame and don't get invited anywhere! ha ha  Chloe had a blast at my mom's house handing out candy, she loved to see all the kids, and only got scared a few times! 

I am a ladybug, regan is the Hamburglar and chloe is about the cutest giraffe i ever did see!

Just some cute pics of my little giraffe, i think i might make her wear her costume randomly, i can't stand how cute she looked....the best part was her tail wagging when she walked.  And surprisingly she never tried to take her hat off, which was nice! 

and yes she did have to have a bow....otherwise how could you tell that she was a girl giraffe?? 

My mom got this kitty a couple of weeks ago...Finn. He is probably the best kitty they have ever gotten, he is so quiet and just lays there (my kind of cat!).  Chloe however HATED this cat and was deathly afraid of it...seriously it was bad....blood curdling screams if that cat came in 10 feet of her.  but give her a couple of weeks and she totally warmed up to it and follows it around everywhere! 

Dad sharing his yummy cinnamon bun with chlo. thanks again Suz they were delicious!!  Oh and did I tell you that chloe is TOTALLY independent and will not eat ANYTHING unless she has her own spoon/fork.  If you even try to put something in her mouth she just spits it out....she is ONE and she can do it herself!!! geez!

Just one sunday on our way to looked too darn cute in her toque and boots! 

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Little Girl.

There Was a little Girl...

Who Had a little Curl, right in the back of her Cute Head!!

When she was good, she was Very, very Good....

But when she was Bad.....She was HORRID!!

PS. I put Chloe's hair in a ponytail was a good day. minus the huge tantrum she threw shortly after.
I also had to change the words to the rhyme a tiny bit. i hope no one is offended. But she has no hair anywhere near her forehead.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Shirt refashion

I love to look at sewing/ crafty people's blogs and i have seen a TON of refashioned shirts lately and have been meaning to make this for a while now. This isn't the best picture but you get the idea...nothing fits the same after a baby! 

 Regan was working late so i whipped it together, surprisingly without too many problems.  I had this old super soft sweater that i haven't worn in forever which i love the color of, so decided i couldn't just throw it away. and turned it into....

THIS!! Cute eh?

And here is Chloe modeling it for you. I only wish i would have put the ruffles a little closer together cause they kinda stretch apart when she has it on. And the neck doesn't lay as flat as it should.  But other than that i LOVE it!! and it seriously took me an hour....AND i made supper in that same hour. I am awesome!