Tuesday, December 1, 2009

It's Fun to share.

I now know what it would be like if i had twin one year olds.  Well sort of.  I have started babysitting for one of my friends while she has to go back to work.  Sad i know...I am so lucky to be able to stay home and play with my baby all day! And now i get to play with TWO of the cutest babes around!!  Meet Lincoln, he is adorable!  Chloe absolutely ADORES him, its pretty darn cute!!  She gets SO excited when he comes in the morning and when he gets up from his nap.  They are going to be BEST friends....as soon as Lincoln stops crying every time she touches him!  

she is 3 months older than him so she feels the need to take care of him, by patting his head when he cries, giving him toys by throwing them in his general direction, or taking them all away so he can't reach them. But by far the cutest was yesterday when she was sharing her snacks with him!

Here she is showing him that he needs to open his mouth when she gives it to him! ha ha 

Here ya go Lincoln...SMOOSH! I can't believe he was letting her do this!! so funny!

But he seemed to be enjoying himself!! 

Its pretty fun having this cutie pie around! So far it has been pretty easy having two, he is so good, he makes it easy. And chloe LOVES having him around...which is good for me i seem to have more time to get things done while they entertain each other.  I thought it would be the other way for sure!!   


kyleandtaryn said...

CUTE!! Chloe will be such a good big sister!! It's good practice! Looks like you couldn't ask for a better kiddo to babysit, nice. Today Claire was eating a snack and her doll was next to her. She kept saying "no baby!" as if it was trying to take her snack...weirdo. Guess we need to work on sharing if she can't even achieve it with an inanimate object. Ha.

Francis Family said...

I love when they keep each other occupied, it's great! Ya it's not too bad eh? Just dejavu all day! lol. Cute pictures!

broberts said...

chloe can't have him!!!! he's all bella's!!! haha...they were born on the same day and everything...it was meant to be:) so glad they're getting along and that you are to...with having almost twins and all!!!cati

Ashley said...

So cute! Chloe really will be a great big sister. How great for you!