Wednesday, April 28, 2010

April fun

Well April seems to be crawling by at a snails pace. I am sure those of you 9 months pregnant understand where i am coming from. Or maybe the last month just flies by for some of you....not me. Not even a little bit. I have been having "contractions" (if you can call them that) for a couple of weeks now. Braxton Hicks and I are becoming better acquainted each day, let's just say we are not friends. At least they aren't painful, just uncomfortable enough to be super annoying and make me one cranky momma. My poor family, hopefully a cute little baby will make up for all my crankiness!
I was 3cm dilated at my last dr. appointment and he assured me I would have it that week. So when my next appointment rolled around I was unhappy to say the least. So i begged and pleaded and he agreed to induce me on Sunday! I could not be happier...well unless of course i go into labor on my own this weekend...i would be MUCH happier. But i will take what i can get. And the best news is i don't have to stress about missing my sister's wedding next weekend HOORAY!!

So enough about me, i know all you want is some pictures of chloe ;)

We are sure loving this wonderful Spring weather and loving having a park across the wants to go EVERY day. she wants her coat and shoes on as soon as we eat breakfast. but i have to make her wait until her dad gets home cause it is a little difficult for me to chase her around.
Her cousin britty came over one day and was such a good helper, Chloe loves her!
For some reason she has never liked the baby swings, I guess she is a big girl now, and was SUPER excited to be on the swings with all the other big kids (like she knows the difference)

Peek a boo britty!!
she Loves the slide and says "WEEEE" every time! so cute. Now every time we even see a park she yells "WEEEE" and gets so we have to stop right?

We did have Easter this year at our house. It was pretty fun. I made chloe wait until AFTER breakfast to find all the eggs. The Easter bunny was sneaky and came while she was in the bath! she wasn't too sure what was going on, but once she spotted more and more eggs she was getting excited. and then she discovered there was CANDY inside!! Is there anything better?

My cute little bunny!!!

Mouth full of treats, and she is even a good sharer!

Finding some eggs

She had this serious look on her face the whole time. I swear she was having fun tho!

I even got me, I mean HER, a chocolate bunny cause we always had them growing up. and it was as yummy as i remember!

Here are a couple of videos of us at the park....nothing special but she is pretty cute!