Monday, August 30, 2010

This is.

This is our classic self timer, hurry and snap a picture before church, cause we all actually look half decent, and are for once in our life ready on time, newest family picture!

THis is my almost 2 year old and almost 4 month old in their sunday best looking just as sweet as can be. sidenote, the dress ashley is wearing chloe wore until she was like 6 months i swear, this is probably the last time ash can wear it....i was shocked and saddened.

This is my baby's cute little toes and chubby little legs, cause i love them, and kiss and pinch them constatnly.

This is my favorite baby face sucking like crazy on her fingers.

This is my favorite sister holding my favorite baby. love them both.

This is my favorite toddler in my favorite fuzzy pajamas, doing her favorite thing...playing outside!

This is said favorite toddler throwing a fit on the sidewalk when tina and al drove away after taking her for the day. coooome baaaaack!!! or just take her again, she loved it, and i didn't mind it either!

This is my favorite girls in matching jammers. their grandma has good taste! (and look at that sweet face in the second picture...wish she was always like that!)

This was after i snapped the above pictures i layed ashley on the chair and chloe climbed up beside her to chillax and give her multiple fishy kisses.

This is chloe having a night cap on the best chair in the house. I seriously need one my size!

This was just too adorable chloe was singing and talking to ash and giving her pushes in the swing. I love it when she is so sweet with her! and i love what happened shortly after these pictures.....bedtime :)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Echo location

So summer is coming to an end. sad. I mean not like I have to go back to work or anything, which is awesome. But none the less school is starting which means regan works all the time and never comes home early and is super busy. This is no fun for us. Oh well I am just happy it is still so nice outside! Its just too bad we have no one to play with.

well as usual i have a TON of pictures from the last couple of weeks so here ya go!

chloe hasn't gone to a whole block of church in a LONG time. 1:00 is the worst time to go for toddlers..seriously it is awful! but regan went to san fran the other week so i came out and went to church with my parents. They ALSO have 1:00 church, but for some reason she was super happy the entire time and even went to nursery all by herself! woohoo!! but afterwords she was a LITTLE tired, and didn't make it through dinner! ha ha

Here we are hanging out in grandmas new pool, complete with whale slide!

We were super lucky this year and my parents were able to rent a cabin at Echo Lake. I personally have never been there, but it was a BLAST!! I loved it and I am pretty sure everyone else had a pretty good time too!

Derick, and Landon both caught a turtle and wrote their names on it with nail polish. hopefully they can catch the same one next year.

My mom took this picture of lanny and sam canoeing with her little point and shoot...looks pretty awesome eh?

Probably my favorite picture from the trip, boston telling chloe all about his adventures on the lake!

Cute cousins tubing.

having so much fun boating and swimming.

partying it up!

trying out the surfboard and tubin

the hot tub was so fun to have, jump in the lake, jump in the hot tub over and over and OVER!

Regan is a pro skier!

good times with ma girls

TIna sleeps everywhere and anywhere, so does Ashley. She was asleep under the dash of the boat when a HUGE wave came over the front and soaked the entire boat including my poor ash!!

cutest little flag girl ever!

ok AL was pretty good at it too!

Loving the hot tub!!

We had so much fun, yes ashley was there even tho she was in NO pictures! ha ha i was a brat and didn't even take my camera out of the car! good thing we took lots with my mom's! Echo lake was the BEST and we are so excited to do it again next year!!