Saturday, August 14, 2010

Bear Lake 2010

Bear lake. it could be my favorite place on earth. for a few reasons:

1. the weather is always amazing (minus the one windy day we had this year)
2. the sand is SO soft and clean, might as well be the carribean!
3.The water is even MORE amazing. it is warm, bright blue, clean, and you can walk forever before it gets super deep.
4. We always get an awesome tan after the initial lobster burn.
5. Our cousins from Utah are all there and we love them!

It was kind of a last minute trip, nobody could come with us so me and my mom just decided to go and I am so glad we did!

Warning picture overload!!!

Hanging out on the beach playing with Ali and traci.

Playing in the sand with cousin Aleea.

On the boat with Malea and her dad.

see what i mean about the color of the water?? HEAVEN!

just having a bath on the tailgate of the truck. don't even worry about it.

Chloe swam for the first time all by herself at the hotel. she is a fish!

There were like a million kids there and three too many dogs. Chloe loved being in the playpen for some "quiet time" and i didn't mind either.

on the drive home passed out at applebees. it was a LONG drive, but SO worth it. we LOVE you bear lake!!