Friday, August 13, 2010

Ash 3 months

Yup this is my baby. she is 3 months old!! i refuse to believe it. I am pretty sure she should still be my little newborn who sleeps all night and all day is oh so tiny and just wants to snuggle all the time. I don't know what happened really, she is way too big and it makes me sad all day. ok so not really sad but come on THREE MONTHS?? maybe a summer baby was a bad idea (not like it was my idea in the first place) we have just been so busy the time is a flying by. But regardless of how fast she is growing we love her so much, she is such a good baby and i don't know what I would do without her!....except maybe sleep more?

Aaaaand since i was too lazy and never got around to posting about her at 2 months, here are some pics of my 2 month old little sweetheart!

I couldn't believe how big she looks when i put her in the swing, i mean she just sat up like she owned the place. And honestly I have the smiliest baby around. she smiles at EVERYONE and everything, her smiles make me melt like a snow cone on the fourth of july!!

I love it when she used to fall asleep in the swing, key word USED to. where did my newborn go?

ha ha love me some mid-sneeze pics. sucker punch!!

and i think she is about 2 1/2 months now, looking a little chubbier. getting mauled by her big sister...but i think she secretly likes it.

Her blessing day. It was such a fun day, we were supposed to go on a picnic but a southern alberta hurricane came up and so we squished into our tiny house and had a party!

This is ash in her first swimsuit, if you have ever seen chloe you will know how much i love swimsuits i think chloe has 12? thats just a rough figure. but we LOVE swimming and ashley doesn't have a choice, she will love it too! I am absolutely smitten when she sucks her thumb, she only does it on occasion, but I would be in heaven if she did it all the time.

sweetest thing alive?? i think so.

And here is my huge 3 month old. ya i know she is huge! not huge in size tho, she is pretty petite and little and cute. she is very alert and loves to look at everything around her. She love lights, fans, peoples faces, the tv or just random things that catch her attention.
She started grabbing at everything and putting it in her mouth, she sucks on EVERYTHING and drools like none other. ugggh chloe didn't drool, I think her giant lips held it all in. But ash is constantly soaked and it is disgusting. I guess it could be worse tho and she could throw up all the time. I will try and be gratefull for the drool.

my cutest girls ever! chloe loves her baby so SO much and asks about her from the moment she is up until she is down for bed. Yes chloe is jealous and yes she does anything she can for attention, whether it is kissing or kicking ashley she gets SOME sort of attention. poor ashley is going to be SO tough! ha ha

My smiley girl hangin out at the beach and in the hotel. I just love this girl!!

She always has her hands up by her face so she has fast access to suck on her fingers and be a drool machine.

She is a really good baby almost always smiling and happy. Up until the last week she has slept through the night, but then she got a really nasty cold so her sleeping habits have been less than awesome. hopefully we will get back into a routine after summer maybe??

I seriously just can't believe how big she is getting I feel like i am missing her baby stage already!! I guess that happens when you have two kiddos who need your attention. I can't wait until they are big enough to play together without me having to worry if chloe is going to squish her to death! but until then we will just enjoy my sweet baby!!


Sami-Jane said...

oh she is so precious! I couldnt help but smile back at her little smiley face! and you know who to call if you need your baby to fall asleep...she loves falling asleep with me! tehehe

Shelley said...

I get the freaking out - Luke is FOUR months now. Not fair. Your girls are so cute!!

Becky said...

how ca-u-ute!!

Tyler and Kristin Smith said...

She's just darling Jennie!
2 girls must be so much fun.

Tina Heggie said...

Oh my goodness gracious I cannot get enough of her. I love these girls to death. And thank you for finally blogging cause these pictures are ADORABLE.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful....beautiful...beautiful just like her big sister!