Saturday, August 14, 2010

First fam Jam

This July we went on our first trip with just our little family. It was so much fun! we went down to Missoula so regan could run the Missoula Marathon. It was his first one and he did AWESOME! i was so proud of him!!

cute chloe making a mess at MAckenzie river pizza company. so yum yumm!

we went to pick up reeg's race package and saw this carousel of course we couldn't go by without a ride. so i was standing there beside chloe waiting for it to start and they told me i had to get ON the horse with her!! ha ha ya it was really uncomfortable.

They had the coolest park by the carousel too!

One more carousel ride and we were good to go!

Regan ran so fast we missed him at the finish line, he did so good!

Ashley just chillin at the hotel!

We found a cute little splash park to play at since it was a bajillion degrees the entire time we were there!

ash was having a blast!

they love each other!

It was such a fun trip, so fun to just hang out with regan and my girls. i hope we get to do more things with just us. and Missoula was so fun...who knew? i would go back for sure!

chloe really didnt want her picture taken, but her outfit was just too cute, she didn't get a choice!