Saturday, August 14, 2010


Just thought i would share some of the projects have made in the last few months.

I made these dresses for My sister Tina's and my brother Landon's weddings. Well my mom did help me with these, but it was fun to make them and figure out my serger!

This is a stroller quilt I made awhile ago, but it's been to hot to use. maybe we will use it this fall! anyways it is a quilt that folds up and buttons so there is a little pocket at the bottom to keep little toes warm. there are also ties at the top to keep it from falling off! I used THIS tutorial.

I made some curtains finally with some fabric i bought LAST summer for Chloe's room. I also made some for our bedroom but never took a picture. don't mind the huge mess in the corner, her room doubles as the laundry/craft storage room. yes i need a bigger house!

Now this was tricky. I wanted a tray for chloe to use on road trips. After we went to Missoula I knew she needed something to keep her mess in one spot. my truck was a HUGE mess when we got back! WEll its not the best picture but i used a plastic cutting board and made it padded on the bottom and added mesh pockets on the side to hold drinks, goodies, and toys. I also put a strap to go around the back of the carseat to hold it on. too bad she hated it and refused to use it! oh well it was fun to make! ha ha

I made this dress/shirt for chloe using THIS pattern and i love it! it was so super easy to make and it cost nothing cause i used an old shirt that i never wore to make it!

Then using the same pattern just altered to make it WAY smaller i made Ashley a little outfit out of regan's old t-shirt. I wish i would have used a stretchier fabric cause this was really hard to work with. but it turned out ok and ash had something red to wear for July 1st!

On my 2nd attmept at making a cover for my camera i succeeded and made a cute little case to protect my big camera for when i want to just throw it in my purse!

This one was tricky and i wish i would have made the corners a little mor rounded, but i will not be making another one any time soon cause it took me forever!

Chloe got this hooded towel, which she better LOVE cause I accidently ran over a needle sewing it and broke the blade off my serger. grrrr i was SO MAD!!! but it WAS worth it cause she does love it and wears it around the house all the time!

This is a horrible picture, the colors are way different, but you get the idea! Me and sam made some headbands the other day and they turned out super cute. they were 1000 times cuter on sam but what isn't??

WE have also been crafting some deliciousness lately. and here are #23 and #17 cupcaked off of THIS website. and O. M. G. they were scrumptious. I doubt i have tasted anything better in my life. seriously.

Go make some you will be SO happy you did!!


Sami-Jane said...

oh jennie, I am so impressed with all your blogging-ness and I am equally impressed with all your craftiness...might I say "you are my idol". (and now thanks to your post people will be under the illusion that I am also crafty) lol
and I am thinking we need to do the chocolate mint ones or the lime and graham cracker next!

Karlene said...

um i luv all your crafts....those dresses and her cute little head piece LUV THEM!!

PamH said...

You have been busy! Love the curtains and what a nifty camera case!! can't wait to see all the crafts in person and admire your awesome sewing as always!!

Suz said...

Way to go Jenn....I don't know how you find the time. Seriously talented!

Anonymous said...

They are all so darling. I really love the girls dresses...cute!

Becky said...

Look at you Miss Craftiness!! Why is there a question mark on your posting title?!

I love the stroller blanket and car tray. I am soooo gonna make those....someday. And I'd make the camera case too ('cause that's a great idea too) IF I had a good camera. *Sigh* We'll put a "someday" on that one too! ;-)

Meghan Maxwell said...

It's official, I am seriously jealous of your crafty skills!! You are crazy talented girly!