Monday, March 17, 2008


Well it has surely been a while since i have updated this blog. updating facebook is just alot easier!  well about a month ago i discovered to my excitement that i am pregnant YAY!! i am super excited!! i have been waiting for a baby for a long time now...and its finally my turn!! Well we found out when i was 8 weeks along, and the only reason i decided to take a test was the night before the smell of leftover chinese food made me gag for like 15 minutes!  so i thought i should probably take one! so i did the next morning, i was SO surprised and shocked...i wouldnt believe it. So i went out and bought two more tests and got three positive results before i finally got excited! Regan was ecstatic and wanted to tell everyone right away. but i swore him to secrecy until i was ready!  

We told everyone about a week later it was so much fun! We were at the holt's first, i got a frame that said grankids on the bottom and put pictures of all the grandkids in it, and in one space just put a peice of paper that said "twinkle" cause the baby is just a twinkle and that is how they have talked about babies before. So i THOUGHT they would get it right away...well after a few minutes Suz caught on and then everyone figured it out! lot of love and hugs it was a great moment! Regan was just beaming, i should've taken a picture i dont think i have ever seen him smile that big!!  Then we headed over to the heggies and i gave my parents the Mercer Mayer books, "grandma and me" and "Grandpa and me" they also didnt get it, but i had made a little fake dvd that i gave to tina and they finally caught on, there was alot of screaming everyone was so excited!! it was so much fun to tell them all and to feel everyone's love and support!  Well the baby is due September 28th and i am three months along right now! i am finally starting to feel better and it is GREAT!!

Little baby belly!
Boy or Girl? that is the question..
Three months!

This is what i gave to tina, its a knockoff of Juno, we had just gone to see it. i was bored one day and thought it would be funny!!