Friday, February 26, 2010


Only TEN more weeks of feeling like this:

No one is more excited than I am!!
Let's just cross our fingers that this baby wants to come early!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

just suits her

I am pretty much in LOVE with chloe's new swimsuit!! gramma dixie always knows what to buy! Also check out her HAIR!! its coming...ever so slowly.
I mean can we say future ballerina?? she even has the toe point down already :)
She is such a girlie girl, and has to spin and dance whenever in a tutu!

pretty stinking cute if you ask me!! All the moms at the pool agreed with me too!
We hit the pool the other day for our "family day" outing. Chloe loves swimming, its a pretty good thing to love.

her first time going down the slide all by herself... can there be ANYTHING this fun??

the one time she went down and hit her head...the only one i got on video!

Best Face Ever

I was going to just add this picture to the bottom of my last post, but i figured it deserved its very own. I was just trying to capture chloe's love of her dolls and teddy bear that she sleeps with every night....and i got this face. seriously i cannot stop laughing.
Click on the picture to get the full effect.

Friday, February 5, 2010

My New Love

I am in serger heaven.

My wonderful husband surprised me with this beauty for my birthday this year, I was SO excited...and SO surprised!! (He tries, but usually isn't very good at surprises) But he definitely got it right this year!
This wonderful machine has been sitting in the box for a month now. For one reason or another I have been too intimidated to actually get it out and use it. But my Mother in Law stopped by the other day and made me open it and showed me how it works. So i finally buckled down, got out the manual, figured out how to thread it, and crossed my fingers that it would work the first time....and it DID!!

And i LOVE it!!!

I loved it so much that i decided to whip up this bag for the portable DVD player we got for Christmas. I used THIS tutorial for a double screen DVD player tote, and just slightly tweaked it to my liking!

It was just a fluke that i had fabric very similar to the one she used in her tutorial, but i love the way it turned out!

There are a two big pockets in it to separate the two screens so they don't get scratched. And i added a big pocket for DVD's and even made some pockets for DVD's that don't have a case. You can't really see it but there is a velcro pocket in there too for all the cords and plug ins and whatnot.

Here it is all filled up and ready to go, with Nemo and Dora in tow.

TA DA!!! I am thinking I will make a little diaper bag for Chloe to put all of her doll stuff in that she loves to carry around, using the same tutorial.

It wasn't very hard, ok it was kind of hard but only because i had a screaming toddler holding onto my leg the whole time! (she is teething) So i expect everyone to go and make one for themselves!! you can come over and use my serger if you want!! ;)

Monday, February 1, 2010

Belly Rubs

Here is me and my big belly. 6 months along!! I can't believe i have 3 whole months left!! I am so happy not to be sick anymore...hallelujah! The last few months haven't been bad honestly, just super tired all the time! I definitely don't remember being this tired the first time around, having Chloe and Lincoln certainly take its toll on me during the day!
But these last few weeks have been killer! my hips have started falling apart TWO WHOLE months earlier than last time??? WTF?? so rolling over at night is excruciating and takes so much energy! and the "crack" "pop" sounds my hips make when i get up makes me feel like an old woman. ugggh I mean everyone says its normal for it to happen earlier the second time...but SUCKY!!
Also i fell down a few stairs while carrying Chloe the other day...NOT a good idea!! i somehow managed to catch her like an inch away from the cement floor. but mahaaan did i pay for it! I was so sore when i woke up the next day i could barely walk! I don't recommend it!

So there you have it, I actually think the bump is smaller than the first time. I however much much larger. This baby is carrying alot lower too which just adds to the pain, not to mention the chronic trips to the bathroom!

This is me at 6 months with Chloe...I thought the same shirt would help with the comparison :) I look a lot more chipper last time! ha ha

SO enough complaining about being pregnant. I am sure everyone has heard it all! I know that some people love being pregnant...I am not one of them! i can't wait for it to be all over and hold my little baby and know what it is!! (we won't even talk about labor. I might start crying)

Here are some pics i took of chloe today with her cute hat on! she loves this hat and puts it on all the time! I just think i have the cutest little girl ever!! Don't be offended i am sure you have cute kids...just not as cute as mine! ;)

Click on the pictures and check out those baby blues!! i love her!

Don't you just want to kiss those juicy lips!!?? i do...all the time! jealous?

Ok i hope this video works...for some reason they haven't been working lately. You would think because i am married to a techy that i would have a wonderfully clean and working laptop. this is not the case!! but he has sworn to update my laptop this week so hopefully i will be able to upload all sorts of darling videos!!
This is just a cute video of her reading her animal book with her dad. Sorry it is kina long. this is one of her favorite books and she knows a TON of the animals in it! We pretty much just have to show her once...she is a smarty pants! I love how excited she gets when she turns the page...ha ha she has never done that before.