Monday, February 1, 2010

Belly Rubs

Here is me and my big belly. 6 months along!! I can't believe i have 3 whole months left!! I am so happy not to be sick anymore...hallelujah! The last few months haven't been bad honestly, just super tired all the time! I definitely don't remember being this tired the first time around, having Chloe and Lincoln certainly take its toll on me during the day!
But these last few weeks have been killer! my hips have started falling apart TWO WHOLE months earlier than last time??? WTF?? so rolling over at night is excruciating and takes so much energy! and the "crack" "pop" sounds my hips make when i get up makes me feel like an old woman. ugggh I mean everyone says its normal for it to happen earlier the second time...but SUCKY!!
Also i fell down a few stairs while carrying Chloe the other day...NOT a good idea!! i somehow managed to catch her like an inch away from the cement floor. but mahaaan did i pay for it! I was so sore when i woke up the next day i could barely walk! I don't recommend it!

So there you have it, I actually think the bump is smaller than the first time. I however much much larger. This baby is carrying alot lower too which just adds to the pain, not to mention the chronic trips to the bathroom!

This is me at 6 months with Chloe...I thought the same shirt would help with the comparison :) I look a lot more chipper last time! ha ha

SO enough complaining about being pregnant. I am sure everyone has heard it all! I know that some people love being pregnant...I am not one of them! i can't wait for it to be all over and hold my little baby and know what it is!! (we won't even talk about labor. I might start crying)

Here are some pics i took of chloe today with her cute hat on! she loves this hat and puts it on all the time! I just think i have the cutest little girl ever!! Don't be offended i am sure you have cute kids...just not as cute as mine! ;)

Click on the pictures and check out those baby blues!! i love her!

Don't you just want to kiss those juicy lips!!?? i do...all the time! jealous?

Ok i hope this video works...for some reason they haven't been working lately. You would think because i am married to a techy that i would have a wonderfully clean and working laptop. this is not the case!! but he has sworn to update my laptop this week so hopefully i will be able to upload all sorts of darling videos!!
This is just a cute video of her reading her animal book with her dad. Sorry it is kina long. this is one of her favorite books and she knows a TON of the animals in it! We pretty much just have to show her once...she is a smarty pants! I love how excited she gets when she turns the page...ha ha she has never done that before.


kyleandtaryn said...

You look so great!! I totally know what you mean about the hips...the other day I fell asleep on my back, and when I woke up, they had seriously popped out. It was SOO painful. I guess everything loosens up, so not cool. I'm glad to hear you are over the sickness part! Yay! And Chloe's lips are pretty much perfection. :)

karlielsa said...

Jennie, you look fantastic. I am with you, I hated being pregnant. It looks good on you though. And yes, Chloe's lips are juicy...I'm a little jealous.

Shelley said...

You're such a cute pregnant mama. And love the Chloe cuteness! AND no we will NOT go into labor - I want to cry just thinking about it.

Suz said...

She is the smartest ever! Love the butterfly kisses and of course, the luscious lips!

Amelia said...

I cannot wait to meet this new little one. Chloe is SOOOO stinking CUTE!!! I wanted to go snatch her away from gramma Dix at church on sunday, but thought better of it. I don't think she would have let me have her and it would have been a tug-o-war. hahaha

kelsey said...

that video is so cute. i love the fish sound! ha. i can't really tell a difference in the pictures. . . oops?!? you look great. i can't wait to see what you have!

Teresa, Trav, and Austin said...

I still can't beleive your pregnant again! HA! Its like I just found out, and now your so far along... wow does time fly!!!

Tina Heggie said...

I see you figured out how to arrange your pictures in a big square. Impressive! You look EXACTLY the same and Chloe looks adorable as usual. Oh and so do you.

Malea said...

You look super cute Jennie!! Chloe is such a doll, i am so jealous that she just sits there and looks at pictures. Ali is obsessed with books but she won't let me tell her what the pics are she just wants to turn the pages as fast as she can. I can't wait till they meet!!

Kimberly Lynn said...

You look so cute Jennie! I'm glad yo posted some pictures of your tummy. And Chloe always looks so cute!