Wednesday, January 27, 2010


So i saw this on someone's blog today and it shocked me a little.  The situation in Haiti is horrible, all those children without families i would love to be able to help out and adopt one of those children and give them a loving happy home.  But apparently we wouldn't make the cut in lots of ways! 

These  are the requirements for adopting a Haitian child. 

1. Childless, heterosexual married couples between the ages of 35-50 are eligible to adopt
2. Childless, single heterosexual women who are living alone and between the ages of 35-50, are also eligible to adopt
3. Length of marriage must be at least 10 years unless couple is infertile
4. Applicants who are between the ages 45 - 50 must be willing to accept a toddler
5. One previous divorce is accepted.
6. Second marriages must be at least 10 years in length
7. No more than 15 years age difference between husband and wife
8. Preference is given to Christian and Jewish families; LDS families are not eligible for this program
9. Families may have no more than 2 adopted children under the age of 18 living in their home and no biological children
10. U.S. citizens in all 50 states are eligible to adopt from this program.

So you can't have ANY children.  And since when does a whole religion get Cut out?? It's kinda sad really.  my question is WHY???


Megan said...

That is so weird! And kind of makes me upset. I understand the part about being married for 10 years and heterosexual, but all the rest seems a little picky. Weird.

Tina Heggie said...

WTF. That is ridiculous! So what, they are about 10 people in all of Canada that can adopt one? I guess they're going to have to take a few extra.

Jennie Holt said...

no tina you have to live in the 50 states...canada isn't even an option!!

kyleandtaryn said...

That's not cool at all! Especially the religion factor. So lame!

Charlotte said...

Hey Jenny, I found that website that the information is from. Its from Dillion international and I believe it is a US based adoption agency. That would be the reason why Canadian's can't adopt through that. Oh and yes it did say that LDS families were not eligible. There are several other agencies and if anyone was seriously thinking about adopting from there I'm sure they could however no matter what agency you go through It takes about 24 to 26 months and they have so many changing laws. Hopefully that would change. We've been sponsoring a child from Haiti for three years so if you are looking for an alternative that could be an option.
PS I love your blog!

Ashley said...

That is ridiculous.

Shelley said...

Yikes! You'd THINK since they are so desperate they wouldn't be QUITE so picky. A little picky is good, but that's extreme!